Personalization and Print Enhancements That Jump Off the Page

Frequently we discuss the importance of being a print provider that is different and special with an offering that sets you apart and causes print buyers to take another look. Brands today, whether local shops or large national chains, have to compete with more messages being delivered than ever before. And with the access to experiences and technology, we don’t see that happening any less in 2021 and beyond. Even with the need to stand out in a sea of print competition, we still find that many printers haven’t onboarded new digital print and embellished finishing technology.

In the drupa Global Trends Report for 2018 (No. 5) and 2019 (No. 6), finishing was an investment many printers said they planned to make for the coming year. For 2020, the global economic pressures and health crisis has made it hard to tell where printers are looking next. One thing is clear; many printers believe they must invest in offerings and the technology to deliver them to stay in business for the long-term. At Scodix, we see several trends that are driving print buyers to purchase from print providers. We wrote about these trends in our recent blog: 4 Key Trends and a Scodix Webinar to Level Up Your Print Embellishments.

One of the four key trends we focus on in that discussion is personalization. Brands and consumers alike find significant value in printed materials that are relevant to them. Personalization is a method of making printed materials special to the recipient—providing a memorable and relatable experience. Favorable memory of a brand is vital for positive recommendations and long-term loyalty, which we have also discussed here on our blog, by stimulating the senses and connecting how that stimulation impacts brand selection. To learn more, we invite you to look back on The 5 Senses and How They Drive Brand Selection. One of the key points shared was from the Journal of Vision in 2007 that said:

When tactile patterns were added to visual experiences, learning performance was improved, physical properties make those pieces more memorable.

Are you ready to make your printed offerings more memorable and what to learn how to get started? We suggest you first look at the latest Scodix offerings for enriched and embellished finishing via the announcement of industry-specific solutions. In September 2020, our team announced the release of 6 specific presses tailored to web-2-print, commercial & specialty markets and packaging (folding carton). In this sense, Scodix recognizes the importance of having the optimized press solution targeting a specific market. We to offer to print providers so that print providers make their products relevant to their buyers. The CEO of Scodix, Eli Grinberg said this about the industry-focused presses:

“As the world’s most innovative and experienced company in digital print enhancement, with over 400 presses installed around the world, we’re now launching one expanded product line that’s been designed to meet the needs of all of our customers across all of these industry sectors. Whatever the application, enhancement, or budget requirement, we have a solution within this series. Print service providers can choose the press that will best support the future growth of their business.”

With a Scodix Digital Enhancement Press, it is possible to offer your print buyers and their consumers the experience of Scodix Foil, Scodix Spot, Scodix Cast&Cure™, Scodix Crystals™, Scodix Crystals™, Scodix Metallic™, Scodix Glitter™, Scodix Sense™ and Scodix Uncoated. You can learn more about these in our previous writings or on our applications page. Our customers also share how Scodix has added value to their businesses on our case study page.

Getting started on your journey to offering exciting and must-have print is as simple as reaching out to one of our Scodix representatives. We look forward to giving you a new set of offerings to win more business in 2021 and beyond.


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