The 5 Senses and How They Drive Brand Selection

Have you ever considered how the five senses affect how we make purchasing decisions? Sight, sound, smell, touch and taste can have a significant impact on the actions we take when selecting a brand. If you have been joining us during the past month, you have been a part of the conversation where we showed the correlation between touch and first impressions when it comes to print. But that is just the starting point for appealing to the senses in printed communication delivery.

Back in 2009 we saw research from Contact Magazine that 60% of their respondents made a brand their first selection when it engaged four of the five senses. This is a powerful statistic, especially when you consider print communications. While you might not be able to add all of the senses in a single interaction with a consumer, print will allow you to easily manage sight, touch and sound.

Sound; it does seem like a stretch, but if you consider that we continue to bridge print and digital, there are many opportunities to leverage interactive technology. As we indicated in our earlier blog on USPS programs returning for 2017, one way is to link your mail piece to a digital experience through a barcode. Creating that tie-in means you have an opportunity to influence consumer engagement, stimulate their senses and clench their selection of your brand or your clients’ brands.

In fact, the Royal Mail last year found that 38% of respondents to their research felt that the physical properties of a communication influenced their feelings about the sender. When added to the research by the Journal of Vision in 2007 that said when tactile patterns were added to visual experiences, learning performance was improved, physical properties make those pieces more memorable.

The evidence is there, but how do you easily and efficiently produce printed materials that will increase the number of senses you are influencing and make a brand a top choice by consumers?

Our team here at Scodix has proven that shifting customers printing processes to meet these goals is easier than many might think. With the Scodix Ultra and Ultra Pro Digital Enhancement Presses, you can easily enable 8 types of applications that will not only run on a single platform, but are proven to perform for small and medium sized print runs. These applications include Scodix Sense™, Spot, Foil, Metallic, Cast&Cure, Crystal, Braille and VDE/VDP.

In addition to the applications, there is a wide variety of substrates that you can print on with a single Scodix Ultra press. Even if you are mainly printing on paper, imagine the possibilities and the ways you can tickle a consumer’s senses when you could choose to print on PVC, carton and more. Add the Pro feature and you will gain the ability for automatic material switching, which makes it possible to seamlessly switch between up to three polymers.

In the past, stretching print beyond the sight would have been a multi-step and multi-station process. With Scodix, we invite you discover how you can plan for 2017, gear up and exceed your previous performance. Contact one of our experts today and make your print stand out in the crowd.

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