Scodix introduces new digital enhancement presses dedicated to packaging production, meeting the industry’s growing needs.

The packaging industry and specifically, the folding carton segment, is changing and moving forward at a rapid pace, with the demand for shorter runs, wider design selections and a new generation of consumers. Today’s consumers are more money-conscious, seeking conveniently packaged products and significantly smaller quantities. To meet the industry’s growing needs Scodix introduces innovative digital enhancement presses dedicated to packaging production.

Applications to boost your business

To support the folding carton industry, Scodix offers an unprecedented selection of 9 different Scodix applications, which work seamlessly with our digital enhancement presses. Now, folding carton manufacturers can deliver highly differentiated premium products, in-house – without the need to outsource. Never before seen designs can now also be easily produced using different combinations of applications, such as Scodix Sense™ on Scodix Foil™ and Scodix Foil™ on foil. All of these enhancements are at a quality level that act as direct replacement for those currently used today.

Measurable added-value

Whereas traditional print production was once neither possible nor profitable for short and medium runs, digital enhancement printing has changed the face of the folding carton industry to become the ideal solution in the global shift from analog to digital production.

Asset 1

Run lengths

Significant rise in demand for shorter runs with more complex designs for added-value packaging; digital varnishing and other enhancements enable brands to ‘shine’ and stand out, making a lasting impression on the consumer for effective brand differentiation.

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Time to market

Shorter packaging lifecycles keep pace with marketing innovations and increased consumer demands; brands must be primed and ready to turnout new looks overnight, and digital printing is the answer with its quick and easy make-readies and quality production.

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Brand differentiation between countries and products is a highly complex process and key to successful product localization; product packaging must be unique, fresh and attractive on the shelves, all of which are seamlessly managed through digital printing technology.