Scodix meets the demands of packaging converters

Addressing the evolving demands of the packaging market, characterized by increasing product variations, seasonal designs, more frequent orders of lower quantities, and the demand for eye-catching embellishments, the Scodix solution stands out as the economical and efficient choice.

16 Applications to grab attention

Scodix offers an unprecedented selection of 16 different Scodix applications.

Now, folding carton converters can deliver highly differentiated premium products with never before-seen designs.  

Measurable added-value

Traditional embellishment production is a time consuming process complicating the demand for quicker turnaround times. Scodix changes the game for productivity, economics and sustainability. 

Run lengths

Significant rise in production of lower quantity runs with embellishments gives digital production the competitive edge.

Time to market

Brands challenged to compete for consumer attention want to test and turnout new looks overnight, and Scodix provides the answer with its quick and easy quality production.

Freedom to Design

Standing out on the shelf or making a bond with the consumer during the unboxing experience relies on design. Finally, designs are no longer dependent on what can be etched onto a die.


Scodix embellishments are certified recyclable and repulpable. The Scodix process reduces make-ready, waste, energy, and the need for toxic chemicals. In a recent life cycle assessment, Scodix results proved to be 85% more sustainable than traditional technologies.

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