Commercial Print

Scodix offers a solution to innovate with embellishing new designs and new products.

Whether printing on digital or offset presses, printers are tasked with being innovative and responsive while keeping prices down.

The solution, is differentiation. Print Service Providers using Scodix digital enhancement presses have proven results of business growth. Their products leave a lasting impression and deliver a genuine competitive edge.

What effect can you make?

By applying any of the 16 Scodix applications available on the Scodix digital enhancement presses you can produce highly differentiated premium products, in-house, without sending work out for lamination, embossing, hot foil, or other embellishments. The added value of these digitally enhanced products mean premium pricing can be charged, even for short runs – translating into higher profitability.

Marketing Collateral

Offer brand integrity and print quality of the highest level. Scodix applications bring marketing collateral to a new level with a premium quality look and feel. The difference of adding Scodix applications is so obvious that it is easy to persuade your clients of the value, thus increasing your business and your margins.

With format versatility of up to B1, paper weights from 135 to 675 gsm /6-30 point and substrate thickness of up to 2 mm, printers are able to perform a wide range of premium jobs for customers.

Greeting Cards and Invitations

Greeting cards and invitations for special occasions can be enhanced in short runs, empowering customers to create truly unique and moving items. Scodix applications and their amazing effects expands the repertoire of commercial designers, widening their freedom of expression and creativity.

Business Cards

A Scodix embellished business card, leaves a lasting impression. 
The ability to enhance small text, thin sharp items and the ability to produce Scodix VDE (Variable Data Enhancement) is unique to Scodix digital enhancement presses thanks to Scodix SHD.

Direct Mail

Digital noise is causing direct mail to once again strengthen the bond between brands and consumers. Scodix applications used in direct mail delivers both a personalized item and a memorable experience to the customer, thus ensuring a more successful campaign with a higher open rate. Including variable data enhancement Scodix VDE via a Barcode system, Scodix assures high-value, high-impact direct mail campaigns.

Book and Photo Album Covers

Magazine covers, book covers, photo books, photo albums, wedding albums, restaurant menus, photo greeting cards, tags and photo calendars gain a unique unmatched look and feel when enhanced. Scodix applications promise high-end quality and eye-catching impact and creates a truly memorable experience

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