Scodix Studio Station

The productivity workflow package

The Scodix Studio Station is a productivity workflow package specifically designed for the Scodix Ultra Family of presses. This package is the perfect fit for commercial printers, publishers, folding carton converters, finishers and other print service providers. 

The Scodix Studio Station package enables acceleration of up to 60% in processing of jobs, continuous printing as processing occurs in parallel to press operations and offers two additional registration methods using Scodix ARP™ (Automatic Registration Process) technology.

Scodix Studio Station utilizes a new processing architecture featuring a dedicated computer for job preparation and external RIP. This package optimizes the processing of large volume and big variable data jobs with high page count. 

Scodix Studio Station introduces Scodix ARP™ (Automatic Registration Process) which expands the registration possibilities on the Scodix Ultra presses by adding two registration methods for 100µm accuracy.

  1. Corner registration uses substrate corners for registration adjustments
  2. CMYK image registration uses image objects or crop marks
  • Eliminate job processing bottlenecks
  • Increase press uptime
  • Use multiple registration options 
  • Easily work on the intuitive graphic user interface
  • Scodix Ultra press specifications completely supported 
  • Quickly RIP large variable data jobs

Scodix Studio W2P

The automation workflow package

Scodix Studio W2P package is specifically designed for the web-2-print market increasing the utilization and productivity of Scodix Ultra presses, by off-loading and automating file preprocessing.

  1. Scodix Studio W2P – software and hardware for web-to-print customers
  2. Scodix Studio W2P Customized – software and hardware for web-to-print customers, with further automation integration

Print data is automatically processed from an end customer’s online print request through the Scodix Studio W2P preprocessing software and sent for print to the CMYK press of choice and Scodix Ultra family of presses.

  • Fully automated print data preprocessing
  • Minimal operator intervention
  • Ideal solution for HMLV (High Mix Low Volume) print jobs
  • Perfect integration into existing workflow
  • Designed for a Scodix press operation
  • Overall maximized press throughput by batching similar jobs, optimizing press uptime and substrate preload

Scodix Studio W2P Customized

Customized Automation Workflow Package

Scodix Studio W2P Customized has open APIs (Application Program Interface) that allow for MIS integration, strengthening the automation workflow process. This option further saves time, reduces human intervention and increases efficiency.

Create a press assignment workflow of ripped enhancement files to a specific enhancement press of choice which has preloaded print enhancement materials and substrates.

  • Control multiple Scodix enhancement presses using a single RIP server
  • Enable load balancing
  • Extend Scodix Support (Software Services)