Committed to Our Environment.

We not only provide amazing embellishment solutions, but we also help our customers reduce waste, save energy and minimize environmental impact.

We’re proud to have certifications from leading institutions to qualify our commitment and dedication to a sustainable economy.

Lowest Impact to Climate Change

Scodix, when compared to traditional embellishment methods, offers a significant reduction in negative environmental impact. To assess this impact, we commissioned a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study conducted by EcamRicert srl and Sher Consulting and Training (Mérieux NutriSciences Companies), which compared the environmental impact of Scodix and Traditional Hot Stamp Technologies. The study examined the effects of the full embellishment process on climate change. The results of the study were remarkable. Scodix proved to be 7x more efficient and outranked the strain on natural resources; Scodix saves 80% of water and 85% of emissions and energy  in the embellishment process.

Certified Recyclable

Brands and consumers are driving circular supply chains to a more sustainable society as reducing, reusing, and recycling practices help to minimize our ecological footprint.

Scodix embellished products are certified recyclable having passed the Western Michigan University SBS Equivalency (WMU SBS E) testing protocol  and intersoh tests for recyclability. Scodix digitally embellished sheets  passed the WMU SBS-E protocol with a score of 98.8% qualifying for recycling and repulping. Brands and manufacturers using Scodix embellishment under this control protocol are able to use the FTC recycling symbol as long as the substrate used is also certified as recyclable

Safe for Indirect Food Contact

Scodix decorated packages are found on the shelves containing dry foods and beverages. Rest assured, Scodix is safe. Scodix Polymer PolySense 850 (PS850) is specifically formulated and tested to ensure it is are suitable for indirect contact with food. Polymer PolySense 850 meets regulatory standards and requirements set by the Nestlé’s Guidance Note on Packaging Inks for indirect food contact.