The Scodix commitment to the environment emanates from our position as a digital press provider.

We design and manufacture products for the digital age that help our customers reduce waste, save energy and minimize environmental impact.

Environmental responsibility is critical to the printing industry. Print industry providers, print service providers, and customers should all do their part to reduce waste and protect our planet from environmental damage.

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Environmental Savings

As a clean, green process with no VOC emissions, Scodix PolySense™ eliminates plates, molds, chemicals, and solvents while reducing energy consumption. Print service providers and their customers enjoy the freedom to print runs of any size, on-demand, eliminating waste. Scodix PolySense™ output is also nontoxic.

Scodix has submitted its equipment and supplies for environmental testing and maintains certification of approval for environmental safety and non-toxicity.

Scodix Safety Certifications

  • Recyclable polymer
  • Free of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • No polluting additives or dangerous gases
  • Non-toxic

Scodix Green Value

  • Significantly smaller footprint than traditional systems
  • Much less energy consumption than traditional systems
  • Low UV power usage – concentrated power
  • Eliminates the need for plates, molds, screens, and chemicals
  • CE certified – safe unit for operators
  • One operator – clean and simple
  • Minimum amount of noise during printing
  • Replaces the screen printing process