Welcome to the world of Scodix digital enhancement!

Introducing The
Scodix Ultra 1000's Series of Presses

Scodix, the pioneer and leading provider of digital print enhancement in the Graphic Arts Industry.

Scodix provides growth opportunities for a PSP (print service provider) and converter business by offering premium print products, in-house, under their control – profitably. With the inclusive of Scodix digital enhancement, a printing business expands product portfolios with brilliant tactile effects that their customers demand.

Scodix digital enhancement presses and Scodix applications are designed to enhance any CMYK sheet up B1 for the Scodix Ultra 1000’s series of presses and for the Scodix E106 press specifically designed for Folding Cartons. Scodix presses include up to 9-Scodix applications plus multiple variety of combinations of Scodix applications on one press according to platform configuration.

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