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Scodix offers the world’s most advanced embellishment solution for the printing industry.

Its sustainable embellishment solutions are utilized by global leaders in folding carton, commercial, and web-to-print printing.

Introducing 2 New Scodix Presses

The ultimate performance digital enhancement press for mainstream production workflows in a B1/41 size platform.

Fully featured premium digital enhancement press suited for production in B2 formats.

Introducing 6 More Applications for Endless Creativity.

Only Scodix offers the freedom to create eye-catching products with 16 embellishment applications –  all available on a single Scodix Ultra 6500 SHD and Scodix Ultra 2500 SHD Digital Enhancement Press. 

Scodix SHD for Highest Quality

Scodix SHD™ (Smart High-Definition) powers the embellishments of fine lines, detailed patterns, tiny text and large surface foiling in perfect quality.

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Embellishing on Uncoated Paper

Keep the charm of textured uncoated paper. Scodix MLE technology activates selective micro priming solely to areas selected for embellishment. 

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Certified Sustainable and Food Safe

The Scodix solution is certified recyclable and repluplable. Recent life cycle testing outscored traditional embellishment processes.

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What our customers are saying

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The Truly Engaging Transformation with Scodix


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Over 10 Million Pages Enhanced on Scodix at TBB, leading publishing printing house in Eastern Europe

Introducing Scodix AI: The First AI Solution to Automate Design Creativity for Print Embellishment