The publishing industry has been undergoing challenges and digital enhancement printing is part of the solution to bring value to meet the changes.

The publishing industry is faced with the increased demand for smaller job runs and faster time to market. In recent years, the industry has witnessed the growth of purchasing books online and the boost in popularity of personalized books that continue to flood the market. With the wide range of choices with online publishing, massive inventories are no longer needed and printed book production has dramatically changed. This has caused book publishers to change the way they work – transitioning to being more flexible and efficient – through the use of digital printing and digital print enhancement solutions.

Unparalleled Results

With high-quality, innovative, fresh graphics and return on investment at the top of book publishers’ list of demands, Scodix delivers a comprehensive range of applications to produce innovative digitally enhanced book covers using a combination of 9 different Scodix applications, all of which work seamlessly with our digital enhancement presses.

Scodix applications enable global book publishers to quickly and easily create never seen before book cover designs with extraordinary textures and finishes on both text and images alike. With an emphasis on touch and feel, Scodix digital enhancements, such as foil, make book covers stand out on retail shelves. The innovative application combinations are virtually limitless and now, all conveniently produced in shorter print runs.

Premium Solutions

To address the unique needs of the digital book publishing industry,  Scodix offers the Scodix Ultra digital enhancement presses. These are the only digital enhancement presses in the world that can print 9 different applications and combinations of these applications on one system. The Scodix applications include Scodix Sense™, Scodix Foil™, Scodix Braille™, Scodix Glitter™, Scodix Metallic™, Scodix VDE™, Scodix Crystals™, Scodix Cast&Cure™ and combinations of Scodix Sense on Foil, Scodix Foil on Foil and more.