Grab Attention with Print that IS an Experience—Award-Winning Print Products

It is easy in a busy world to take things for granted, especially those things that surround us every day. Printed materials definitely fall into that category. It is easy to get swept up in the digital nature of our current day-to-day; we constantly have our digital devices (smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and up-and-coming metaverse devices). However, with all of the digital content out there, print is still driving communications, commerce, and memorable and lasting experiences. And recent research shows that printed communications, including in-store signage and direct mail are key influencers on our decision-making process—especially in the last 24 months where the global pandemic has shifted day-to-day life.

Courtesy of the Two Sides North America Blog, we are able to share some recent research in consumer behavior from RR Donnelley & Sons Company, a large Print Service Provider or PSP. The blog, Survey Reveals Increased Consumer Interest in Direct Mail, Other Traditional Media Channels, discusses this remarkable finding related to printed communications in 2021, a time for unprecedented change in consumer behavior, business, and the state of our global health:

“Among the findings, more than half (51%) of consumers were more excited to receive direct mail in the past year than they were in the year prior, with the highest levels among Gen Y (65%), Gen Z (57%), and Gen X (53%). Baby Boomers are least likely to be excited about receiving direct mail (36%). In store, consumers show a preference for retailers who effectively use signage and displays, with a majority (58%) saying in-store signage is influential in their purchase decisions. While 67% of marketers made significant changes to their marketing strategies in the past year, the consumer data suggests that marketers should continue to fine-tune their efforts and consider re-investing in traditional marketing channels.”

Now…how do you as a print provider or print buyer find a way to leverage the above research to make sure your brands and customers stand out while creating lasting, positive engagements with the target audience?

Seeing is believing. Let us introduce you to the Scodix Design Awards 2021 contest winners. These award-winning print products were recently announced in January of 2022. And even though you can’t touch them, they will still make you sit back and say, “Wow!”. The key to standing out in a crowded digital and physically printed communications landscape is to make the pieces your audience engages with a memorable and lasting experience. We believe digital print enhancements and embellishments deliver on that promise—and we hope these award-winning print products from our 2021 contest will inspire and energize you for what is possible in 2022.

As part of the 2021 contest, Scodix calls for entries in several areas, including General Commercial Print, Folding Carton/Packaging, Publishing, Self-Promotion Print and Technology.

Read the full press release on our award winners, and be sure to check out the award winners. These are great examples of how you can turn your next campaign (or communications project) into an experience that not only creates lasting recall with your audience but also elevates your brand to a pretty cool status. For the print providers, you don’t want to miss out on being selected to bring a campaign to life—Scodix technology can make sure you have the right offerings to deliver on the experience promise.

Once you have seen all the inspiring and award-winning examples, start your journey by reaching out to our team at Scodix. You may request a sample to experience the power of embellished print right in your hands or start by contacting one of our print passionate representatives. We look forward to helping you elevate what is possible with the power of print.


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Grab Attention with Print that IS an Experience—Award-Winning Print Products

It is easy in a busy world to take things for granted, especially those things that surround us every day. Printed materials definitely fall into …

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