Give the People What They Want: Embellished Print!

As providers, you have a goal to give your customers what they are looking for and help them move their business forward. To do that, there are a few challenges. First, print providers need to understand what their print buyers desire. Trust us, they have a keen sense of what will entice their customers. The next challenge is determining if you can provide what they want. The third is making sure you can do so and achieve a return on investment (ROI) for any new software, hardware or people.

If you read our most recent blog, 4 Key Trends and a Scodix Webinar to Level Up Your Print Embellishments, then you will know that our team has been keeping a close eye on the digital printing and enhanced finishing marketplace. We feel that it has been critical to keep our finger on the pulse of this industry due to the significant global challenges in 2020 both in health and the resulting impact to business. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at what consumers engage with and why print buyers want it.

For Scodix, we believe customers want to see embellished print. What is embellished print? It is print that is more that fights flat, that grabs the attention and has physical properties of dimension or shine that create a connection when engaged with by consumers. With Scodix technology, these include:

  • Scodix Foil™: Print real foil, cost-effectively, without the need for dies and molds for short to medium runs; includes an option to use variable data and personalize products using real foil to achieve unmatched foil enhancement results.
  • Scodix Spot™: Print selective spot varnish for short to medium runs, digitally recreating the effect of traditional analog flat varnishes, but without the set-up time or mess.
  • Scodix Cast&Cure™: Unique capability based on the Scodix Foil™ station design, creating high-impact, 3D-holographic dramatic effects.
  • Scodix Crystals™: Add colorful sparkle effects with Scodix Crystals™ and create real 3D items with a high-build polymer; replacing the manual positioning of crystals on products such as greeting cards and brochures.
  • Scodix Metallic™: Enables users to enhance prints with metallic coloring by simply using the Scodix Sense™ CMYK color process.
  • Scodix Glitter™: The usage of Scodix Foil with the texture of glitter and the combination of Scodix Sense™ with a pattern of glitter, enables users to get the look and the feel of real glitter without any mess all in a digital process.
  • Scodix Uncoated: Scodix technology is uniquely capable of digitally enhancing uncoated substrates with quality integrity.

Believing customers want something is not the same as proving they want it. And there is no better way to share what customers are looking for than to get the actual experience from a successful printer. During the recent global pandemic, we were humbled to have a customer discuss the value of digital print enhancement, Scodix and what they are seeing in the market. You can read the full PrintWeek Me & my: Scodix Ultra 101 for all the details, but let us share with you what Gary Peeling, CEO of Precision Printing (and now recently in a new collaborated venture) had to say about digital print enhancements.

“Scodix enhancement celebrates the physicality of printing by the additional gloss and texture,” Peeling says. “It has proven very popular with customers seeking to elevate their projects. Excited customers who are less focused on price, leads to higher budgets and improved margins, with everyone happy as something special has been delivered. It is particularly popular on business cards, brochure and book covers, and invites and flyers.”

To steal a line from our previous blog…

Research says that during this crisis, the brands that inspire consumers and give them hope are the ones they will want to spend money within the future.

Now is time to give your print buyers what they want. Scodix is here to help you achieve that goal with the latest in digital print enhancement and finishing technology including our latest software announcement, Scodix Studio Station, aimed at accelerating the entire production process.

We invite you to watch our on-demand webinar with Amit Shvartz, Scodix CMO, discussing market trends, our latest hardware and software innovations, real-life print samples from customers and, of course, the ROI printers can look to achieve. You may also reach out to one of our Scodix specialists to start your digitally enhanced print journey. We look forward to helping you deliver what your customers want.


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