4 Key Trends and a Scodix Webinar to Level Up Your Print Embellishments

Challenges lead to innovation, and we know the printing industry has been challenged by the happenings in 2020. Our team at Scodix knows being able to answer the needs of print buyers is key to survival in the print business. So, in the spirit of rising to a challenge, we have innovated and are now bringing technology to the market that will seriously level up the capabilities for Print Service Providers (PSPs) to provide digital enhancement and embellished print to their customers.

You may have seen the recent Scodix announcement for Scodix Studio Station. This is truly the cornerstone of what we believe will open doors for new printing business for our Scodix users. But before we get there, let us share with you four key trends that drove our development of Scodix Studio Station and why you will want to sign up to view our on-demand webinar to learn more.

As we look at the printing industry around the globe, we see four key trends:

  1. The embellishment/enhanced finishing market growing
  2. The continued growth of short-run jobs and an increase in the volume of total jobs
  3. Demand for personalization
  4. An expectation that the PSP will be able to provide the desired print product (including embellishments)

In our recent live webinar, Amit Shvartz, Scodix CMO, talks about these key trends and why they are so important to PSPs in today’s printing environment. He says in the webinar:

“PSPs need to offer their customers a little bit of everything.”

He also shares some of the impressive case studies of embellished print from customers around the world. One set of examples are from Direct Print in Morocco. In these examples, you can see right on the webinar the eye-catching foil embellishments as well as the Scodix Sense™ effects for creating raised glossy embossing and textures. During the webinar, he also talks about a Scodix customer in China, New York and one in the sports industry that creates the National Hockey League game tickets with Scodix embellishments. It is a webinar we invite you to view anytime, on-demand by registering here.

Speaking of the webinar, the Scodix team also does a full demonstration of the actual innovation speeding up production for embellished pieces—Scodix Studio Station. What is Scodix Studio Station? The webinar has all the details, but in short Scodix Studio Station is a new and innovative Enhancement Digital Front End (EDFE) that is comprised of hardware and Scodix designed software. Its mission is to speed up the processing of variable enhancement jobs…even jobs containing as much as 1,000 sheets!

The result is an increase in the Raster Image Process (RIP) speed, up to 60%, which translates into faster job completion, quicker deliveries to print buyers and more opportunity to bring more work into the print shop. Paired with the increased speed is also new registration technology that provides the most exact and high-quality print embellishments possible. This is technology we believe will significantly help PSPs answer the needs of their customers and deliver the most creative and competitive products in their marketplace.

Additionally, Scodix also offers our customers a way to level up their access to customers during these more distanced and virtual times through the Scodix Studio W2P. You can read more about this web-to-print technology in our blog Scodified Web-to-Print Set to Revolutionize Online Print and Delivery Offerings. Bringing together more access and opportunity to serve print buyers’ needs and the ability to process and delivery work faster is truly the next generation in standout print.

We invite you to watch our on-demand webinar on Scodix Studio Station, read the blog on Scodix Studio W2P and then reach out to one of our friendly Scodix representatives to take the next step to your print shop revolution.

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