I Want to Get Scodified! But How Can I Use a Scodix Press?

As commercial printer, packaging converter or Web2Print provider, you and your operations team have a lot to consider and manage on a day-to-day basis. There are a lot of ways you can make your print sing with bling today when printing digital. There are foil applications, crystals, gloss, embossing, glitter, spot varnishes and dimensional print. Digital print technology also gives you the option to use different types of paper, as well as, materials like plastic and folding carton stock.

This is all really exciting, but as an owner or an operations manager, you aren’t the creative, design department; so, what can you really do with this new digital print and finishing technology? Especially scodified technology, like our Scodix Ultra family of digital enhancement presses. Here are six things your print shop could consider bringing in-house to see an increase in winning job bids with the addition of a new Scodix engine:

Marketing Collateral
With a versatile sheet size handling media up to B2+, printing a wide variety of marketing collateral is an everyday application for a Scodix Ultra. It can also handle different media weights from 135 to 675 gsm. That is 6-30 points for those who are old school. And for those more interesting marketing applications, printing on substrates of up to .07 mm of thickness is no problem. The benefit to you as an operator is the ability to produce brochures, one-sheets, folders and more without having to worry about the mixed media those applications will throw at your print workflow. Here are some examples to see what you can do with an Ultra Series press.

Greeting Cards, Invitations and Postcards
Help your customers deliver a unique greeting card, invitation or postcard experience—change the perception of their event completely. We have tons of examples on our Instagram of the types of embellishments that can be added to print. A couple that stand out for this application is the Scodix Foil that runs as an in-line finishing option. The foil station allows for standard films to be used in a unique digital printing process that produces high-quality foil applications including patterns, textures and colors.

Business Cards and Other Promotional and Game Cards
Whether you are printing business cards or other types of promotional or gaming cards, Scodix has advanced technology that will produce clear and crisp results. Using the Scodix RSP technology, print providers can deliver precise image-to-image registration and consistent fine line and element detail that is enhanced by the Scodix Ultra press. A perfect fit for those small business and promotional cards. You can also use the scodified finishing to deliver unique gaming cards like those featured in our online gallery and on Instagram. Add dimensional elements, Crystals or even foil to make your customers final product really stand out.

Direct Mail
Print shops that service the direct mail market have seen a resurgence in business. This is due to the success around response rates of direct mail. However, as we mentioned in our sensory blog, more people engage with print pieces that engage more of the sense. With a Scodix Ultra you can add gloss, spot varnish, embossing, textures and much more. Leverage the ability to print on a wide variety of substrates including plastics and you will be able to take on unique jobs that make your customers stand out. Their success is your success and will bring them back time and time again.

Book Covers and Photo Albums
Grabbing attention is the name of the game for designers of book and album covers. In order to compete in that market, you as a provider or operations manager need the technology that can provide the final product that jumps off the shelf and into consumers shopping basket. With Scodix technology you can provide inline finishing options such as flat varnish effects, high gloss applications, foil, embossing and textures. Imagine a snake on the cover of a book that actually feels like snake skin and jumps off the page. That is what you can make possible with a Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Press.

For those servicing or looking to expand into the packaging market, the ability to offer a differentiated package is key. From private label shopping bags to perfume and gift boxes, the ability to create an attention grabbing and sensory experience is what will keep your print shop in the lead when bidding on work. See the examples of our packaging applications in our online gallery.

Ready to see the power of scodified print? Request your sample today and start your transformation to more efficient, inline digital print.

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