Hit the Easy Button for Attention Grabbing Print

Every printer wants to provide the highest level of quality to their customers. The balancing act is getting a good product for a price that is affordable with a delivery time that is acceptable. For many print shops this means multiple pieces of printing and finishing equipment and keeping a close eye on the costs to setup and complete a job. And in some cases, it means losing bids or turning down work due to the mismatch of requirements and equipment capability.

It makes you yearn for that “easy button”.

As you look toward the future, you have probably read that short-run print jobs are expected to become the rule, not the exception. In some cases they already have and it likely something you experience in your print shop on a regular basis. Add to that the increasing need for print to standout and make an impact while at the same time lowering costs and optimizing and simplifying the printing process, an easy button is really needed.

Digital print and enhancement has helped change the tide in the print industry and as a leader in the digital enhancement press marketplace, Scodix partners with their customers to provide an easy button for high quality print, lower cost job setup and superior finishing, print enhancements and effects.

Presentation Folder, Inc. (PFI) of Orange County, California, has become not only become a Scodified print provider, but they have also recently upgraded their Scodix Ultra Pro Series Digital Enhancement Press to include a foil station. PFI became a customer of Scodix several years back when they were looking for a digital alternative to conventional spot UV work.

In their search for a new print press solution, PFI needed efficiency and cost reduction while still being able to provide high quality and differentiated print output. Aaron Tardie, Marketing Director, PFI, had this to say about their experience with the Scodix Ultra Pro:

“The Scodix press eliminated our setup time and cost, allowing us to offer small quantities for a lower cost, as well as doing them more efficiently. It also gave us the ability to try samples and 1-offs to show customers what they could do with Scodix enhancements if they added it to their job. And the many capabilities of the system often plants seeds for customers to consider for future projects.”

PFI’s average hard cost setup for each job prior to installing their Scodix was $150-$200. The time of job setup was also a significant factor in their ability to drive more work through their print shop. Scodix gave PFI the easy button they were looking for.

What’s more, if they got stuck Tardie says, “Working with Scodix has been like nothing else we’ve experienced with a press manufacturer. We’re in contact with them frequently with questions about how to try a new technique, ideas for improvements in the software, hardware, and consumables, sharing knowledge about substrates and special effects, and much more.”

Making it easy for customers to adopt, use and be successful with their Scodix printer is a key ingredient for why customers recommend making the Scodix choice. With a dedication to printing innovation from our inception, a Scodix machine can be consider a secret weapon…a real competitive advantage. And we even surprise customers like PFI with our enthusiasm to promote our Scodix Ultra Pro Digital Enhancement engine and drive business to them. In our full case study on PFI, Tardie describes the partnership that has developed between PFI and Scodix:

“Our Scodix sales rep is always bringing sales to us, which is something we definitely didn’t expect. We are fortunate that we’re one of the few in our area that has the press, but the more inquiries Scodix gets through their own website, marketing, etc., the more we seem to get as they refer interested printers and designers to work with us. It’s been an incredibly mutually beneficial relationship; we couldn’t have anticipated it would develop into what it has and it’s been amazing to grow and innovate with Scodix as our partner.”

For PFI, and many of our other clients, they have the capability to make enhancements offline, but they are now finding that the inline finishing and enhancement capabilities of their Scodix not only make it efficient and cost effective, but give them the ability to try new things with relatively little risk. We will even help you learn what you can do with your press.

Experiencing the power of a Scodix is truly believing. To get started on your path to an easy button for your digital print, request your sample today. PFI has seen a dramatic difference in the way they are able to onboard jobs and upsell their customer base. Imagine the successes you could see with Scodified print.

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