Make Your Case to Standout with Finishing…Effects You Have to Experience to Believe

We recently returned from the Hunkeler Innovation Days 2017 trade show where companies were showing off the best of digital print and finishing. There were offset papers being printed on with new inks and near offset quality output coming off high-speed printing. Images were colorful, rich and, in some cases, near art. There was something missing though. For those that happened on the Scodix stand, they encountered something very different and it made us ask people a simple question.

Are you standing out with your print and finishing choices?

It may seem like an easy question to answer—yes is what most people would say—but, take a moment and think about your latest print projects. What has made those printed and finished pieces grab people’s attention? Like the examples we saw at the Hunkeler show.

You might say the color or the imagery, but even if printed on glossy stock, coated paper or even a specialty paper, that isn’t enough in today’s faced-paced and creative world to set your project apart from the competition. What you need is to make your case with innovative and interesting finishing. We would say this is where you need to get Scodified.

Finishing effects will completely change the experience with the printed piece. Consider these few ways to standout from the crowd:

Scodix Foil
Hot and cold foil can add an effect to your printed piece that draws the eye while also allowing it to tickle the touch senses. Through a unique process and the optional Foil Station for the Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Series of presses, you can achieve a foil effect using a wide-range of hot and cold industry standard foils films without the need to spend additional money and time outsourcing. Embellish your print with high-gloss and embossing with a variety of densities that accommodate short and medium print-runs. And, accomplish this upgraded look on a variety of print materials including: offset, digital, plastic, laminated/non-laminated, coated and uncoated. More via our Youtube video!

Scodix Crystal™
If you have ever had to pay extra to have dimensional crystals manually placed on your printed piece such as greeting cards or brochures, we don’t have to tell you what a pain it is and how much time it adds to the project. The result, however, is truly unique and makes the final product standout with 3D dimensional decorations. Scodix Crystal is a one-of-a-kind process that creates a 3D polymer build, in-line, as part of the Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Series printing and finishing process. No more outsourcing, no more wasted time and some pretty impressive sparkle or bling for your customers’ enhanced experience through print.

3D-Holographic Effects with Cast and Cure
Who doesn’t love holographs? But, when is the last time you have seen one used on a material you have received in the mail, seen in a magazine or been given as part of an event? Unless you are lucky, it has probably been a minute. Part of that is due to the complexity, cost and outsourcing required for traditional cast and cure films. That changes with the Scodix Cast and Cure capabilities based on the Foil Station. Using off the shelf Cast and Cure films, 3D-holographic effects can be created quickly and with less cost. Moreover, if you choose to incorporate one into your design, you can be sure your final piece will capture your customers’ attention.

For 2017, find out how Scodix can transform your print offerings by requesting a sample today. Seeing, and feeling, is believing. Get your edge in 2017 and get Scodified.

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