Changing The Game With Scodix: Where The Trade Buys Shares Their Success Story

Scodix is proud to support our customers, help them achieve their goals and see them do amazing things with print. The blog below was sent to us by our customer, Where the Trade Buys. We invite you to see what Emma Thompson, Marketing Manager, has to say about their commercial print environment, Scodix and the art of changing the game.


Offering Scodix is a Game Changer

For those of us working in print, Scodix has long-been a valuable upsell. It enhances the quality of clients’ finished products, digitally enhancing elements of print materials with the raised ink effect.
Using Scodix enables printers to offer a premium product that’s worth the additional cost to the customer – as well as enhancing the quality appearance of the print.

If you don’t already offer Scodix printing as a service, maybe it’s time you should. With the help of Scodix samples from Where the Trade Buys, you can learn how you (and your printing clients) can make money through Scodix, how to promote Scodix as a service, and how to sell Scodix to your customers…

How to make money – and help your clients to make money – through Scodix
You may be surprised at how many people are interested in unusual printed items, no matter how high the price. These items act as door-openers. They can make the difference between you winning or losing a meeting with a client.

Over the past few years there has been a huge rise in the number of independent products that are being created. Many of them have a brand and a message that must be clearly communicated for the product to succeed. Scodixing is a highly effective way to communicate a brand.

Bear in mind that the branding is not just about the design – the brands must also be reflected in the way that packaging and publicity materials are specified. The right substrates and the right finishes must be chosen.

Remember, there is a big difference between the manufacturers’ cost of an item and the perceived value of the item. It is important not to undersell the opportunity that premium products give your clients.
Apple makes their profits in the laptop sector by applying a high mark-up to premium products. That’s the same business model that you can be applying in the print sector.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to pick up and examine print that has a tactile, raised finish. In addition, Scodix finishing is often used to create a luxury effect on premium print pieces.
Scodix is an excellent opportunity to stand out from your competitors and a great way to raise profit margins.

How to promote Scodix to printers and printer prospects
It is much easier to sell Scodix to existing customers than new prospects – so upselling is a good place to start.

Just because you have agreed a specification with a customer, it doesn’t mean that’s all you can quote! Why not add some extra options to the quote that the client may not have thought of? This is a great opportunity to include a mention of your Scodix service.

Most customers don’t specify Scodix because they don’t know it exists, so make sure you promote Scodix to prospects and customers through blog posts, email campaigns, direct mail campaigns and even using your e-mail signature.

Most importantly – Scodix has to be seen and felt to be appreciate – which is why it’s a great way to upsell, enhance and add real value to standard printing. Make sure that your clients see plenty of samples. Create sample packs for them, with different styles of books and brochures plus business cards, so that they have something to hold. Presenting samples is also a fantastic reason to suggest having a meeting with buyers.

How to help print customers sell Scodix
The best way to help print customers is by suggesting products that could benefit from Scodix. Look at the artwork your client gives you, and advise that the product could be enhanced with Scodix.
Example products that benefit from the enhancement of Scodix could be: book and brochure covers, greetings cards, presentation folders, business cards and menus.

If you have time, you can also try and run-off extra copies of clients’ work, and Scodix them yourself. This allows you to give a real example of Scodix working with their artwork – and they might consider it for their next print run.

Author Bio
Emma Thompson is the group marketing manager at multi award-winning commercial printing company, Where The Trade Buys. Managing all marketing activities within the department, her role includes co-ordinating campaigns, overseeing budgets, creating marketing materials and planning promotional campaigns. After deciding print was the industry for her, she got the break she was looking for as a trainee press operator at Precision Printing, working her way up 21 years later to group marketing manager. Emma has 6-year-old twins that keep her very busy, and a love of all sports, especially football – she even played football for Arsenal girls for seven years (don’t tell anyone as she is an avid Tottenham supporter).

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