A Can’t Miss Opportunity to Experience the Difference of Luxurious Standout Print

The first half of the year has been exciting for Scodix. We have been fortunate to help customers implement Scodified printing solutions with our Ultra Pro family of digital enhancement presses. In February, we went to a renowned print trade show in Lucerne, Switzerland: Hunkeler Innovationdays 2017. And recently, we were all the way across the globe in the far east at China Print 2017. Why do we go to these trade shows and events? To meet you!

Which begs the question: Why should you come visit Scodix at a trade show this year?

Trade shows are a long time tradition in the print industry; they have long had the history of being a one-stop-shop for looking at printing and finishing equipment—especially in the past when offset printing presses could take up a space that a small village could reside in. Today, the trade show environment has change a bit, but the reason we go stays the same: show printers what is possible.

At Scodix, we sell a unique product for the printing marketplace. Our Ultra Pro family of digital enhancement presses offer the ability to add a touch of luxury to print, to let you truly standout on the printed page. We say it is print that you have to touch to believe. And we mean it, which is why you will generally find our presses in our booth or inside a partner booth at major printing trade shows. When you are adding dimensional print with textures you can feel, inline foil and cast and cure applications without expensive or time consuming off print line process, it can truly revolutionize the way your print shop runs and the final product you can offer your customers.

In our Before and After gallery, we showcase online the difference between traditional digital four-color print and scodified print. However, at a trade show you can do more than just understand the difference, you can feel it. Perhaps as an even more important opportunity, you can interact with the press, see how it works and understand the footprint it could take up in your facility.

And when you are at a trade show where we are showcasing our machines, we invite you to compare our Scodix Ultra Pro family of digital enhancement presses to the competition. In the past, we have written about using Scodix as a secret weapon in your print show and how it can quite seriously serve up the “Easy Button” for options like metallic finishes, holograms, foil application, embossing, glitter and dimensional crystals. When you visit us at an event, it is your opportunity to experience the difference.

Want to know where we will be for the rest of 2017 so you can plan your visit to a Scodix booth near you? Be sure to keep an eye on our events page. We list the upcoming events and trade shows we are participating in and update it regularly. Also keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We try to be a social group, so you will see us posting about upcoming events and see our people talking about them as well.

If you are headed to a show soon or looking for a print adventure, below are our upcoming events with more coming via our events page:

DSCOOP EMEA – June 7-9, 2017
Lyon France

We look forward to seeing you at an event in the near future. In the meantime, be sure to check out our most recent blogs and the aforementioned Before and After gallery. The Scodified difference is one that will make your print standout. Not getting to a show any time soon? We invite you as a printer to request a sample. Our team will package up some print you just have to touch to believe!

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