Tackle Short-Runs with Incredible First Impressions and Lasting Effects

In today’s design marketplace, creating a good first impression is of supreme importance. That first interaction with a brand is crucial to a lasting positive association. And a strong positive association drives business and recommendations. It is that circle-of-life that spurs designers and print shops alike to produce printed materials that can grab attention, engage the senses and create a lasting effect.

In fact, in 2015, Royal Mail published this statistic: “People value something they can touch 24% more highly than something they can only see.” This value applies to anything your customers might touch; a goal you should have for any printed piece you send out whether it is handed out, mailed or set out for interaction. There are even stats that show 92% of respondents who felt something as a result of receiving a valued communication, acted after that interaction.

Successfully getting people’s attention means that designers have shifted to creating new experiences more often, which translates into a need for shorter print runs. A shift that challenges print shops, especially ones running older offset printing presses or late-model digital print engines that lack digital enhancement and innovative finishing capabilities. Capabilities such as inline foil application, dimensional print and image enhancement.

With older equipment, it is more difficult and time consuming to offer standout print experiences because many of processes are done offline after the initial print run. Adding foil in the traditional printing methodology, whether hot or cold foil, has meant taking your print off the press and sending it out to another vendor or taking it to another process elsewhere in your print facility. The multi-process nature of offline finishing to add enhancements creates additional cost, time and, ultimately, a smaller demand.

Recognizing these challenges, Scodix developed the Ultra Series Digital Enhancement Presses. These digital print engines have been specially designed to ease the pain points of short-run printing requirements, especially with offset processes. Using Scodix innovations print shops and designers can leverage the ability to print short run book covers, direct mail, brochures, photo albums, event posters, promotional signage and more.

What’s more is the ability to engage the senses by adding standout finishing such as foil application, embossing, dimensional crystals, gloss and cast and cure films. You can see some great examples of these in our online gallery or Instagram account.

Don’t just take our word on the need for short-run printing and how Scodix can help your business meet those demands; our customer in Brazil recognized that short runs were going to be a significant factor in their long-term success when they started their printing business in 2009. P+E in São Paulo was founded to serve the advertising marketplace, a diverse and unique environment that demands many different types of print materials, as well as, experience that create engagement and lasting impressions.

Eden Ferraz, CFO, said to our solutions specialists, “The market was eager for short-run, fast turnaround quality, that was as good as conventional offset [if not better]. There was also an accompanying demand for local providers that could speak the language of each target market. We crafted our firm to be a source offering an optimized and efficient service with dedicated teams who could deliver the level of commitment and professional results desired.”

After doing their homework, P+E engaged Scodix to help them define a printing solution that would allow them to meet their short run goals with lasting impressions. This is what P+E had to say after installing their Scodix Digital Enhancement Press:

The Scodix SENSE™ system is a superior offering, providing us with the tactile sensation of varied textures. Our goal is to increase the volume of paper processed via added value, and the additional demand generated by the Scodix system. We are expecting to realize a 20% sales increase, as well as reach a new plateau of customer satisfaction.”

P+E share as lot of insights in their Scodix Case Study and it is just one example of how short-runs are influencing the printing marketplace around the globe. Whether you are looking to add textures, metallic and foil finishes or even holograms, the Scodix Ultra Series Digital Enhancement Presses can help you achieve your goals.

We invite you to read up on a few of the things you can do with a Scodix by reading our recent blog: I Want to Get Scodified! But How Can I Use a Scodix Press? We share insights on how to leverage our digital enhancement presses for a wide variety of printed materials including books and packaging so you can forecast a significant increase in sales just like our customers P+E in Brazil.
When it comes to Scodified print, touching is believing; be sure to request your sample today so you can experience the Scodix difference.


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