Unexpected. Innovative. Scodix Design Awards Celebrates 10 Years of Digital Enhancement

Is printing really that special, innovative or unexpected?

It is easy to label printing as fleeting in the face of the seemingly always present digital content at our fingertips every moment. But the last 12 months has punctuated how important print can be on a global scale from health communications, signage, packaging and promotional advertisements. Print has been and continues to be critical in communicating important information. It guides consumers into purchasing decisions and creating a sense of enjoyment from the safe and luxurious engagement from received materials. From our perspective, printing continues to provide something digital experiences just can’t—a physical and lasting connection.

To celebrate the power and unexpected nature of embellished print, Scodix recently concluded its special Scodix Design Awards competition which celebrated 10 years of digital enhancement. Spanning General Commercial, Folding Carton/Packaging, Publishing, Self-Promotion Print and Technology, our design awards seek to lift-up examples of how embellishments in printing are creating increased customer interest, stronger brand loyalty and new business opportunities for printers. This statement in our recent press release from Eli Grinberg, Scodix CEO, captures the importance of holding these awards every year:

“The Scodix Design Awards is a moment of great pride to witness the collection of so many Scodix customers work at once. New boundaries are always set by our customers implementation of their vision into physical print and the evidence of this innovation is evident by the work submitted for the annual contest. This year’s contest, celebrating 10 years of digital enhancement, is by far the most impressive yet, not just because of the number of submissions, but the quality of submissions. Even with the postponed awards announcement due to the COVID-19 cancellation of drupa 2020 and 2021, we are excited to now announce the winners, but first I must personally thank every customer for their participation, loyalty and exceptional work.”

We bet you can’t wait to see all the unexpected examples of embellished print; we invite you to view all the entries and results on our Scodix Design Awards page.

As you read this, you might be asking yourself:

  • What should I take away from this?
  • Is this possible in my business?

We hope you take away a renewed sense of excitement for your printed product and business and a realization that embellished print can influence many print products from commercial print to packaging and labels. Moreover, it is changing business possibilities for printers all over the World—from the Far East and India to the USA and South America. The challenge: will your print organization take the first steps towards print that print buyers want?

Prior to the worldwide challenges over the last year, we wrote about the impact embellished print was having on the printing marketplace—and what it was poised to do in the future. In Be In the TOP 10 Percent of Printers by Adding Scodix Digital Print Enhancement, we shared research that said:

Special effects printing can be a profitable endeavor. According to InfoTrends’ research, print buyers will pay premiums in the range of 24% to 89% for digital print enhancements over CMYK-only work.

While nothing in 2021 is the same as before 2020, our Scodix team feels confident that our customers’ success shows the power of embellished print and should give you ideas for how to expand the success of your print business. We invite you to get in touch with your Scodix representative for more information and to request some business changing samples. We hope your print business will be a future winner of the Scodix Design Awards!


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