Digital Print Embellishments That Fit Your Business Just Right

The digital printing market is highly competitive. Print buyers are looking for unique, standout offerings from Print Service Providers (PSPs)—including finished products that can timely include foil, embossing, holographic effects, metallic, glitter and more, and of course each print can include variable data enhancement of text and elements. High quality and eye-catching is paramount to a print buyer (and their customer) satisfaction and the gaining of their long-term return business.

In these competitive times, how do you make sure that your digital print equipment investments are placed with the right vendor and on the right equipment?

From the Scodix perspective, we believe offering right-sized digital print and embellished finishing solutions is key to enabling PSPs competitive edge. Over the past decade, the printing industry has changed by significant leaps. Printers are leveraging everything from offset to digital print technologies—and with the help of Scodix, many times both at the same time. Then, with the challenges presented in 2020, it was clear that offering solutions that fit specific goals of printers were the right strategy.

In September of 2020, Scodix brought this strategy to fruition with the announcement and launch of six new digital enhancement presses tailored to specific industry sectors.

What this announcement meant to the printing industry, especially during the worldwide pandemic, was the ability to make smart and specific investments in digital print technology. By not being required to select a one-size-fits-all print device, Scodix has enabled PSPs to expand their footprint more easily in existing markets or enter new markets.

If you haven’t looked at the six new Scodix Ultra offerings, now is the time. Let’s explore the targeted industry segments and the devices making a difference.

Scodix Ultra 1000/2000—Designed for Commercial and Specialty Print

Print buyers continue to look for more options from their print providers; the answer for Commercial and Specialty printers looking to start their journey in digital print embellishments is the Scodix Ultra 1000. As the entry-level press in the Scodix portfolio, a PSP can offer up to seven different Scodix applications, including variable data enhancements. For printers looking to expand their capabilities on a budget, the Scodix Ultra 1000 delivers with quality.

For Printers looking for a wider range of embellishment opportunities, the Scodix Ultra 2000 expands the total embellishment applications to nine. Offering Braille and Crystal to the available applications, the creativity for printed output is increased. Additionally, PSPs will gain productivity with automatic polymer switching, a clear advantage when turnaround times are crucial and more application variations are required.

Scodix Ultra 3000—Enabling Web-2-Print (W2P)

The W2P market has continued to influence and impact the digital print production marketplace. In our blog: Web-to-Print Receives the Power of Digital Print Enhancement Elevating Consumer Impact, we share W2P before 2020 comprised nearly 50 percent of the digital print production market while being projected to grow to $30 billion by 2023. Through 2020, W2P become even more important, with consumers needing to order via the web. The Scodix Ultra 3000 comes with the Scodix Studio Web-2-Print platform, bringing you an automation workflow with a processing time up to 60 percent quicker. Paired with up to seven Scodix applications, you will be able to offer your customers something many other W2P providers won’t—standout print.

Scodix Ultra 4000—Designed for Entrepreneurs in Packaging

The innovative Scodix Ultra 4000 press allows rigid box and folding carton print manufacturers to aim for the future – creating their products online. If you are looking to level up your Web2Pack offerings, this is a great place to start with an automation platform built into the press configuration.

Scodix Ultra 5000—Adding Embellishments to B2 Packaging

For carton converters offering high-end packaging solutions, the Scodix Ultra 5000 has been configured especially for you. With a B2+ sheet size, up to 675 gsm (2mm) substrate range and access to all nine Scodix embellishment applications (including Scodix VDE), this press will conquer short runs while making it possible to enter new markets.

Scodix Ultra 6000—B1 Sheets Size with a Small Footprint

The Scodix Ultra 6000 also allows for thicker substrates required for packaging applications – up to 2mm – and incorporates industrial pallet feeders and stackers. Additionally, it makes it possible to accommodate a B1 sheet size while maintaining a small footprint. If you are looking for a large sheet size, small sheet size and a wide range of digital enhancement capabilities, this press is purpose-built.

The print industry is going to continue to change as we see what the future holds for commercial print, Web2Print, Web2Pack, folding carton, rigid packaging and other B1 and B2 applications. Now is the time to take your business to new heights in this ever-competitive industry and a Scodix Ultra enhancement press is the must-have for enabling your print business to win big. Learn more by requesting a sample or reaching out to one of our Scodix representatives.

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