Take Advantage of the Digital Shift in Packaging to Add Embellishments That Really Stand Out

For the past several years we have been announcing new technology in the packaging market and how it has been changing the landscape for packaging producers as they adopt the new technology. It truly began with the debut of the Scodix E106 at drupa 2016. At that time, the need for a packaging press that could provide digital print enhancements was seen to be highly disruptive. In fact, when the announcement was made, Scodix had eight press orders.

The driver was the opportunity for print embellishments in the packaging production process where there is little additional opportunity to add it. This includes applications such as foil, digital embossing, personalization through variable data capabilities and more. As time has gone on we have seen the Scodix E106 go into its beta testing cycle back in 2017 and then make waves in the market with customer installation announcements through out the past few years.

And this all dovetails to the April 2019 drupa Global Trends report, a report that is the culmination of research questions answered by print and packaging producers around the globe for the last six yearly additions. In the latest report, the finding show that digital print continues to grow in the packaging marketplace and finishing is a top priority when print providers were asked where they would be placing their investment capital expenditures in the next 12 months.

As hard as it may be to believe the next drupa, 2020, is coming up fast this summer in June. It begs the question, what should you be looking at. From our perspective at Scodix, digital print enhancement has proven in past research to drive more engagement with customer, be worth paying additional premiums for by buyer purchasing for their organizations and to give positive brand associations to the products in the embellished packaging.

Many of these concepts and market opportunities we discussed recently in our blog, Grab Hold of the Growing Packaging Market and Stand Out with Digital Print Embellishments. One notable datapoint from this blog was the growth figure of the folding carton marketplace from Technavio of 12.83 million tonnes between 2019 and 2023. At that rate, they calculate the CAGR, or in more basic terms the average growth rate, to be over 5%. Looping back to the drupa Global Report, we see the same indication of digital growth based on their findings that “Demand for digital print is growing, with the number of SKUs specifying digital print up this year by c.5% across all packaging types except Labels (already at 40%).”

With finishing solutions as a top priority in packaging and the volume growth of the market, now is a great time to start charting your organizations path towards new capabilities. Scodix offers many different applications that can be added to a packaging product to help it generate more interest, to be recalled more often and in a stronger sense, as well as, have a tactical association. Now, folding carton manufacturers can deliver highly differentiated premium products, in-house – without the need to outsource. Never before seen designs can now also be easily produced using different combinations of applications, such as Scodix Sense™ on Scodix Foil™ and Scodix Foil™ on foil.

We look forward to working with you as you plan your 2020 strategy, look for the right finishing solutions and arrange your schedule for drupa 2020. There are many resources right here on our website from our blog to the product pages. You may also request samples and reach out to one of our Scodix representatives to discover all the possibilities for differentiation in the packaging market. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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