Grab Hold of the Growing Packaging Market and Stand Out with Digital Print Embellishments

The packaging market continues to show growth, especially in digital print and the enhancement of folding carton package production. According to research release in August of 2019, there is significant growth in the folding packaging or carton converting market that printers should look to take advantage of—and it is being driven by digital print technology.

In the research synopsis released by Technavio, they state that the folding carton market is positioned to grow by 12.83 million tonnes from 2019 to 2023. At that rate, the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) calculates to be more than 5%. As printers’ asses growth markets and where to invest in technology, the digitally printed folding carton market is one that is delivering new opportunities. And printers can capitalize on that by offering capabilities in their region, and to their customers, that other folding carton providers are not.

The additional of digital print enhancements to folding carton packaging gives printers the ability to offer a standout product. With Scodix technology, printers are able to offer spot floods, holographic additions, dimensional print for textures and raised lettering, as well as, foil. In fact, there are 9 different applications that can be used to embellish folding carton applications.

Another advantage of digitally printed packaging is the ability to leverage variable data. With this capability packaging can be made more personal by localizing to specific regions or specific times of year. For events, it would also be possible to put attendee names and or groups on the final package products. This has proven in other research to be valuable by creating stronger brand associations and loyalty.

By leveraging the latest technology on offer to make your packaging offering stand out to buyers, you will be able to win more contracts and repeat business. With market growth of over 5%, this could represent a significant opportunity to expand your print business. Moreover, when you look at Scodix technology you will have access to producing all of this utilizing a proven platform that allows for inline, continuous production.

The Scodix E106 enhancement press delivers printers in the packaging industry the ability to produce folding carton on a B1 sheet format at speeds up to 4,000 sheets per hour. Since it is a digital print device, it is capable of handling short and medium run lengths. To see the Scodix E106 in action, we invite you to watch our Scodix E106 press movie.

To understand how this press is also opening doors for Scodix printers, we invite you to read the Q&A by Gundlach Packaging Group. In this question and answer interview, we talk to Dr Uwe Schürmann about their company that started in 1847, their participation in testing the Scodix E106 packaging press and why they see offering digital print enhancement in folding carton to be an important part of staying relevant in today’s printing market.

Then be sure to request a sample from our team here at Scodix. Seeing and feeling is believing when it comes to understanding the Scodix difference. When you compare a package that has dimensional embellishments, foil and personalization the experience will speak for itself.

Start your journey to standout folding carton packaging by reaching out to a Scodix representative today. We look forward to helping you open doors to new opportunities.


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