Tips for Adding Foil to Your Print for Huge Profits

You are looking for a way to have your print projects stand out…and increase your profits at the same time. Foil may be the answer you are over-looking; it can benefit your clients greatly and, after all, the more they stand out the more competitive they will be and the more business they will do with you. Plus, if you can add some to your bottom line your business will continue to grow.

Foil can help you make the case to stand out with finishing. But, you must know how you can use foil to get the most impact. In the past, foil was typically outsourced, but now with digital print technology hitting its stride, you can have an inline digital print and foil solution right in your print shop or the print shop you choose to work with.

Through the Scodix Digital Enhancement Series of presses, you can foil your competition and stand out in a crowd. Consider these topics we covered in our recent webinar…and then watch the replay to get all of the details!

Variable Data Enhancement with FOIL
As printers, we have all heard about variable data printing or VDP. However, variable data enhancement is a concept that might be new. What does Scodix mean by variable data enhancement mean? It means variably enhancing printed materials through variable finishing techniques like foil, dimensional print polymers, glosses and cast and cure films. From a print perspective imagine creating variable textures on your printed pieces based on other information. Maybe you know someone likes leather, so you have a leather texture to the clothing brochure you send them or you know they like wood floors so the image of the wood floor is a wood texture. The possibilities are endless and we will share with you how it is possible in our recent webinar.

Be Inspired
Foil is an exciting application; it can have shine or texture and changes the entire feeling and emotion evoked from a printed piece. Don’t be boring! There are amazing applications for foil from silver and golds to holographs and textures. Be creative and let your customers print projects create new experiences. Not sure what you can do with foil or need some inspiration? In this instance, imitation is the best form of flattery. Be inspired by our Scodified webinar replay, our website gallery or Instagram for cool examples and customer applications

Scodix and our Ultra Series of Digital Enhancement Presses are game changes for standout print finishing. Watch, you will find it as simple as setting up a four-color job to add foil and embossing effects to you next print product. And as a print shop competing in a fierce market, can do it all inline, in a single run using the Ultra Series with optional Foil Station. See it in action via our webinar! Then, request a sample and find out how Scodix can transform your print offerings today. Seeing, and feeling, is believing. Get ahead and an edge this year with Scodified print.

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