Packaging is Growing! Get the Print Hardware You Need to Compete

Packaging, or Carton Converting, is a marketplace that has been in the spotlight in recent years. And that has a lot to do with the steps forward—some might even say leaps forward—in the digital packaging print technology available from print providers. The current digital press technology means more productivity, more innovative designs and, for forward-looking printshops, the ability to bring new high-margin business into the fold.

Depending on who you read and where you look, the growth of carton converting, flexible packaging and other related printing can vary in the specific numbers; but the experts and analysts all agree on one thing—it is growing. In fact, a quick Google search will even reveal numerous reports looking at the topic. One such result from Smithers Pira says their exclusive research shows that the current digital print packaging marketplace in 2017 is worth $13.2 billion…a number they project to grow to $23.2 billion in 2022. Statistics they say reflect an 11.2% annual increase in value.

The report, The Future of Digital Print for Packaging 2022, isn’t inexpensive, but we think this quote from the report author in their announcement will drive home the potential that is obtainable in the packaging opportunity:

Growth is forecast in different applications and regions at varying rates. In packaging, it will be rising sharply as more players get involved, make investments and see how these benefit their customers. There will be new campaigns, which will be copied. Converters will also provide new services in response to their customers, which will allow significant supply chain efficiencies – some of which are not clear in early 2017, but will open up over the next few years to better suit the final packaging consumers. The goal for all parties is to satisfy buyers.—Dr. Sean Smyth

Other analyst in the marketplace like InfoTrends, a division of KeyPoint Intelligence, have listed packaging as one of the “Top Trends” coming out of Drupa 2016 and have their own reports and forecast curves showing significant upward growth. Moreover, they have an entire tag devoted to it on their InfoBlog. Which brings us to the point that printers and print hardware providers can’t ignore—packaging is hot!

As Jeremy Clarkson would say, “And on that bombshell…”, we invite you to get Scodified with the latest from our innovative team. Recently, we wrote about Bring Market Change to Packaging with New and Innovative Print Technology. In that blog, we talk about the latest Scodix press release and our new E106 digital enhancement press beta being on schedule. A good read in our humble opinion. The E106 and its capabilities dovetail into the research we are seeing out into the marketplace. We are confident the capabilities announced with the E106 (some of which you may have heard from Hunkeler Innovationdays 2017 in February) will provide the ability for packaging designers to think “outside the box” and do some incredible eye-catching designs.

Copycenter, our first beta customers for the E106, is excited about the flexibility the E106 will add to their production workflow—and in a completely digital print engine. Copycenter sees the value of being able to print on B1 format, or 1060 x 760mm, as a move to printing on a single platform…something they are not able to achieve with current equipment today. Additionally, they are looking forward to the ability to leverage the standout printing enhancements that are developed into the core of the Scodix printing solution to appeal to the high-end packaging market clients that play in categories like beauty.

There is no doubt packaging is growing; the question is what are you doing to grab your piece of the pie? If the prospects of packaging get you as excited as the Scodified experts here, then make sure you contact us to learn how we can help you open doors to the packaging market. Scodix technology is proven, highly efficient and easy to operate.

Request a sample today and start your Scodified journey to creating standout packaging and print.

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