VDP Combine With Special Effects to Enhance Your Bottom Line

Personalization is literally everywhere you look these days.

In the digital sphere, emails often scream out your name in their subject lines. Digital advertisements track your web searches so that you find yourself seeing a particular item or brand in almost every ad you see across the internet.

Variable data’s no stranger to the print world either. Personalization is becoming an integral part of marketing efforts as brands strive to make emotional connections with their audiences – no matter the medium of engagement.

While VDP might be creatively weaving your name through the sky on postcards and making coupon offers based on a particular customer’s buying patterns, there’s still one part of the commercial print world that doesn’t venture into variable applications – at least until now, that is.

Bringing the WOW Factor to VDP

Last time, we discussed just a few of the incredible special effects processes our Scodix SENSE™ technology can handle – from embossing and variable density high gloss to metallic effects you could never dream would come from a digital press.

What we didn’t mention? Our SENSE™ application is also the perfect candidate to add some pop to those variable data projects – enabling your clients to provide truly unique experiences that will leave their audiences’ in awe.

Up until now, the thought of combining your variable data direct mail projects with some spot UV, foil stamping, or embossing just didn’t make sense. Simply put – it’s too expensive to fathom when you start adding up the costs for dies, plates, and make-readies.

With our digital press technology, we remove those costs from the conversation completely and make even the short runs more profitable for commercial printers around the world.

Add a Special Touch to Any Printed Piece


You can help your clients create the ultimate VIP experience – complete with invitations featuring a variable density spot UV effects that make a golf ball pop right off the paper..

Your clients can now (more affordably) make short runs of business cards featuring embossed logos & unique design elements.

You can even produce Braille with short-run VDP applications.


We’re sitting here drooling just thinking of all the possibilities that are now on the table! Your imagination truly is your only limit.

Packing the Punch & Maximizing Efficiencies

Don’t worry – we get it. It can be a pain making adjustments on the fly. It can turn into a back and forth battle going between working files and press.

That’s why we developed our advanced image editor to allow you to make those last minute edits on the 5th separation directly on press. You can even those on the fly adjustments to the layer thickness through the integral RIP interface – saving your team both time and money.

Quality Assurance So You Can Focus On Selling

With another layer in the VDP mix, it’s imperative to have quality assurances in place so data doesn’t get misaligned and sent to the wrong recipient. There aren’t enough painkillers in the world to numb that kind of headache.

Our barcode system works to eliminate that nightmare altogether. It works as a control and verification tool when working with variable data projects.  It provides verification security at the sheet, set and document levels, while also controlling sheet insertion to ensure 100% accuracy throughout your run.

Your variable data capabilities can now extend past your HP Indigo or digital press and into the enhancement stages of production.

Well, What Are You Waiting For?

See the magic for yourself! Afterall, touching is believing. Go request your samples to get #SCODIFIED, today!


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