Change Perceptions and Sales with Digitally Printed Packaging

Digital printing continues to evolve; in turn, so do the opportunities for print buyers, designers and print shop managers to select stand out print manufacturing capabilities. Previously, our blogs have referenced the power of digital print enhancements and, separately, the growth of the folding carton packaging marketplace. Both aspects of digital print are positioned to do great things for the print industry, the print shops that take the leap to be leaders and the customers that receive what many describe as stand out and engaging print.

Now think about putting digitally printed packaging and enhanced print together. The change to the customer experience could be significant and influence their choice to purchase. Think about when you look at something you are about to buy. Are you more likely to buy the plain package, especially if it is an important product to you like health and beauty? In most cases, we gravitate to the products that match our perception of quality. The better the package looks, the better it feels, the more influence it has on our purchase decision. But, don’t just take our word here at Scodix, let us share some customer quotes from a recent article in Package Printing:

“So here’s an example of someone, like an MLM [multi-level marketing] or direct-to-consumer product that wants to make sure that when the consumer gets it, it has a high perceived value,” said Ken Collins, VP of sales and marketing at Adcraft Labels in Anaheim, Calif. “They’re holding something that feels rich and looks rich.”

“The interaction time with anything we print is higher because of the enhancements,” said Bill Gillespie, VP of sales for Tucker, Ga.-based Bennett Graphics. “The amount of time a consumer spends with it in their hands is greater.”

“Brands have a limited amount of shelf space and a limited amount of time to capture the attention of consumers in the retail environment,” Dennis Bacchetta, Diamond Packaging’s Director of Marketing. “The key is to create upscale brand ambassadors that attract the consumer’s attention when and where it matters most — on the store shelf.”

“If you’ve got 60,000 folding cartons, but 200 SKUs that make that up so it’s spread out over all kinds of versions, the perfect solution is to print it digitally,” he says. “Then bring it over to the Scodix and enhance it and it’s all digital.”

That last quote is really what we believe is the key to our clients’ success. The first step is too look at our digital enhancement presses that can handle packaging as an offering. Our latest innovation can be found in the Scodix Ultra2 Series of Presses, a platform that can enable up to 9 applications to run efficiently and with superior digital enhancements. Add to that a B2+ size sheet format and material thickness up to 300 points and the flexibility of this single platform press makes it possible to open the doors to new opportunities. And you can experience similar success to other Scodix customers like the ones quoted above.

While you are looking at the platform, we invite you to learn more about packaging enhancements by reading the full article published by Package Printing. Within that article you will learn even more about the power of using digital print enhancements within the packaging market. Moreover, they talk about their perspective, and customers, on what the draw to adding enhancements are, what you can do and the challenges to watch out for, the market benefits and when you should and when you should not embellish your packaging. It is definitely worth the read.

As you are looking at your offerings, the print shop and how to open doors to markets that will let your business soar, be sure to contact us at Scodix for more information on our digital print enhancement presses or to order your samples. We look forward to helping your business and customers become Scodified.

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