The Digital Finishing Advantage: A New Way to Optimize Print and Profit

Featuring:  Matthew Doran, President & CEO, Anstadt Communications; Jay Mandarino, President & CEO, The C.J. Group of Companies; John Perkins, Executive VP, Graphic Communications, Dreamworks
Duration & Cost: One hour; FREE!

Looking to create more profitable business streams that separate you from competitors, enable you to enter new markets, and make exceptional finishing accessible to more customers/brands than ever before? Hear how three successful printing businesses are achieving just that, and more, following the installations of new digital enhancement presses.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How digital enhancement presses allow you to gain more work from existing customers and attract new brands
  • How this technology enables clients to design jobs in ways they’ve never dreamt were possible before
  • What needs have changed among brand owners in the past few years
  • What types of customers these printers are serving and who they’re calling upon at the brand level


Matthew Doran

President and CEO Anstadt Communications

Mark Michelson

Editor in Chief, Printing Impressions

John Perkins

Executive VP Graphic Communications Dreamworks

Mark Michelson

Editorial Director/ Editor-in-Chief Printing Impressions