The WOW Effect for Packaging Print Buyers and Customers are Seeking

The Packaging market has been an exciting area to watch in the printing industry, especially as digital technology continues to influence what a print provider can produce. It is also an area of print that is continuing to grow and become a strategic area of expansion for print businesses looking to expand. According to a January 2021 Ink World Magazine breaking news article, the global packaging market in 2020 was valued at $352.1 billion and set to grow to $433.4 billion by 2025.

Depending on the research you look at, by 2025-2026, the expectation is that the market will achieve anywhere from a 4.2% to 9% CAGR. That perspective alone makes packaging a market that printers want to research, understand and break into with product offerings.

The question becomes how? And how to stand out from others already offering packaging?

Here we will offer a shortcut, especially if you have limited time to read and absorb the information but can listen wherever you are or on the go. Recently, Ziki Kuly, Vice President of Asia Pacific and Japan and Product Marketing at Scodix discussed Transforming the Packaging Market.

This information-packed Podcast from the Printerverse covers everything from why look at digital for packaging, how embellishments add wow to packaging, the strategic offerings Scodix has brought to market in September of 2020, and more.

Speaking of that strategic product offering, this is important in answering how print providers can get into the sheetfed printed packaging markets or take their packaging offerings to the next level by embellishing and adding value. In September of 2020, Scodix announced a new lineup of print embellishment presses targeted at six specific industry sectors. For the packaging market, there are three machines, including a press that will answer the coming trend Scodix sees coming in Web2Pack. Let’s take a closer look at these tailored offerings:

Scodix Ultra 4000—Designed for Entrepreneurs in Packaging

The innovative Scodix Ultra 4000 press allows rigid box and folding carton print manufacturers to aim for the future – creating their products online. Suppose you are looking to level up your Web2Pack offerings. In that case, this is a great place to start with an automation platform built into the press configuration.

Scodix Ultra 5000—Adding Embellishments to B2 Packaging

For carton converters offering high-end packaging solutions, the Scodix Ultra 5000 has been configured especially for you. With a B2+ sheet size, up to 675 gsm (2mm) substrate range and access to all nine Scodix embellishment applications (including Scodix VDE), this press will conquer short runs while making it possible to enter new markets.

Scodix Ultra 6000—B1 Sheets Size with a Small Footprint

The Scodix Ultra 6000 also allows for thicker substrates required for packaging applications – up to 2mm – and incorporates industrial pallet feeders and stackers. Additionally, it makes it possible to accommodate a B1 sheet size while maintaining a small footprint. This press is purpose-built if you are looking for a large sheet size, small sheet size, and a wide range of digital enhancement capabilities.

The impact these tailored offerings for embellished packaging are having on the industry can be seen in print provider success stories and packaging industry awards. A recent example of this was the SoloBirra 2021 competition awarding Best Packaging to Dario Frattaruolo Graphic Studio for the creation of the Chakra Booster beer package. Packly created the packaging for the Italian brewery with a “wow factor” coming from Scodix embellishments.

Giuseppe Prioriello, CEO and founder of Packly, states, “We are extremely honored that the winning packaging selected in the SoloBirra 2021 contest is a Packly printed box. The enhanced beauty of the packaging was done using a Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Press. The CYMK sheet was embellished with Scodix Foil™ in gold and Scodix Sense™ to compliment the special taste of the Badala brew.” Prioriello adds, “We strongly believe that the design of every box should tell the story of what the consumer is getting, and with the use of digital embellishment the story is even more pronounced.”

With that kind of result and inspiration, it is time to take a closer look at the Scodix lineup of digital enhancement printing presses. We invite you to request a sample today or reach out to one of our representatives to start your journey to new markets and customers.


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