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When you’re looking to make a big purchase, chances are you’d love to know what others who have made similar purchases feel about their decisions. What led them to their decision? Did they do any comparisons? And most importantly, are they happy with their decision to make the big purchase?

We understand how valuable our peers’ opinions are so we went straight to our customers to find out what went into their decision to purchase a Scodix digital enhancement press and to understand what the machine has done for their business.

Finding a Niche & Taking a Chance

A couple of weeks ago, Printing Impressions featured Tukaiz’s VP and managing director Dan Defino on their PI XChange interview series. Near the end of his interview, Defino touched base on what made the Tukaiz group invest in their Scodix machine.

In a lot of ways, the Scodix digital enhancement presses reminded him and his partners of the HP Indigo, “When it came out everybody was wow’d. If you go to Graph Expo, it’s probably the busiest booth at the show. People are really just very ‘wowed’ by the technology and by that enhancement – as were we.”

Similarly to when they decided to invest in the HP Indigo – they knew the technology would be big and could see where it was applicable. The key challenge was in penetrating the market and evolving the enhancement into something that will be wanted all the time.

“There’s not anybody that comes through that looks at it, puts it down, and says I have no need for it. Everybody starts talking about where it could be applicable to their business.”

Premium Enhancements for High Impact Value

Understanding how to best present new product offerings can prove to be challenging. Do your customers fit the target market for the machine? Will the increase in cost create enough value to be worth it for your customers?

According to Bob Anstine, Chief Marketing Officer of Earth Color, Scodix is a premium enhancement, and you have to approach it that way. Targeting someone who doesn’t have quality imagery built into their brand, may not be the best route.

“You have to target those customers and prospects that want to enhance the image and value of the brand with their marketing initiatives. Examples might include a premium quality line extension, high income prospects, or targeting a premium demographic segment such as the elite members of a loyalty program.”

“[Scodix] has given us a reason to talk to people and has helped us open the door to new opportunities. With Scodix, they’re seeing the impact it can have on their brand’s message and return on investment..”

A Service Level You Can Depend On

We started discussing the Scodix digital enhancement presses with AlphaGraphics Seattle in 2012. It wasn’t until recently that the Pacific Northwest location announced the installation of its first Scodix machine. With a long sales cycle, we were curious to know just what went int o their two-year decision making process.

According to AlphaGraphics Seattle’s CEO, Chuck Stempler, Scodix wasn’t the only one in the race for their investment. While Stempler acknowledged both MGI and Scodix have been making digital enhancement strides since 2012, in the end it didn’t come down to a beauty contest between both outputs.

“We decided to move forward with Scodix based on our experience with their technology and our belief that the equipment and service was a best fit for our market. Throughout the course of our discussions, Scodix responded quickly and provided a level of service we could depend on.”

Attending Graph Expo? 

We’re gearing up for another busy booth at Graph Expo where we’ll be launching our latest digital enhancement unit for producing short-run, VDP foil. Avoid the crowds and schedule a one-on-one demo today!


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