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Scodix Announces 2016 Winners of Annual Scodix Design Awards

The vast acceptance and widespread application of Scodix digital enhancement is reflected by more than double the number of entries for this year’s awards competition —

ISRAEL – December 8, 2016Scodix today announced the winners of the company’s annual Scodix Design Awards competition. With submissions from users worldwide, a distinguished panel of judges rated submissions for design quality, production complexity, and overall appearance. User submissions not only set a new standard for outstanding in their application, but covered a who’s who gamut of global brands, including BMW, Citroen, Jeep, Puma, KIA and Heineken, as well as several notable magazines and financial institutions. The winning awards can be viewed online at Scodix Awards.

The creativity and application of our digital enhancement tools evolve exponentially every year, and it never ceases to amaze us. Our annual awards simply showcase the applied wizardry, though the real winners are our user’ clients on a global scale. Our vision has been realized, as now we can proudly say that Scodix digital enhancement is now both a production necessity and a recognizable difference maker in today’s demanding marketplace,” notes Scodix CEO Roy Porat.

And the winners are…

This year’s applicants displayed work that represented every continent and just about every segment of the market, including direct mail, product packaging, fine arts, and commercial printing. This contest is crafted to identify the most creative work produced, by Scodix customers using Scodix Digital Print Enhancement technology.

All of the submitted entries projected professionalism, creativity, and a superior understanding of the power and potential impact of the Scodix post-press enhancement tools. The best of the best in the four defined categories this year are:

General Commercial Printing (GCP)

First Place

Project Name: Retro Style Calendar
Company: Best Box
Country: Armenia
Background Information: The client, one of the oldest banks in Armenia, requested a calendar in retro style which specifies the bank’s historical characteristic. Scodix gave Best Box the opportunity to bring the project to life. The result was the conversion of simple paper to take on the appearance of a grooved vinyl disc.

Second Place

Project Name: Catalog Multiply SENSES
Company: Estudio Grafico 21
Country: Portugal
Background Information: This self-promotion piece was created briefly after the acquisition of Scodix machines to promote new-found capabilities. Offset printing combined with cold stamping and varnish elevate this project to a three-dimensional eye-catcher, to the delight and surprise of the firm’s industry partners. Transmitting sensations that are both visually and physically appealing, the project quickly and successfully touted the company’s new 3D digital resources.

Folding Carton / Packaging

First Place

Project Name: Mont Castle package
Company: Aakruti Digipress
Country: India

Second Place

Project Name: Stocking Packaging
Company: Saehan D&P
Country: South Korea

Background Information: The designer reinterpreted famous Korean traditional folk painting by renowned artist Shin Yun-Bok to create attractive and remarkable stocking packages. Applying a modern viewpoint, the packages not capture attention but increase the firm’s competitiveness in domestic as well as international markets.


First Place

Project Name: ABC Children Book
Company: Redin Digi Press
Country: India
Background Information: Printed on an HP Indigo 5600 printer with Technova (E-Photo Luster) paper, this elementary teaching tool comes alive with enhanced images and text that not only captures the child’s imagination but make the experience memorable through the magic of Scodix.

Second Place

Project Name: Children Book
Company: Prime Rate
Country: Hungary
Background Information: Whoever said never judge a book by its cover never saw this cover. Produced with various Scodix enhancements, this children book cover screams “look at me!” With the cover’s dinosaur fully embossed and varnished, success is in the eye of both the parent and the child. And the fact that the client (Edition Zaubernuss of Germany) reprinted twice is further evidence its effect and buying impact simply works.


First Place

Project Name: Business Card with Foil
Company: Cards & Systems Solutions
Country: Mexico
Background Information: Business Cards represent a person’s first impression or their lasting leave-behind. Either way, their reputation is accentuated with the dazzle of Scodix digital enhancements making every card sparkle for attention.

Second Place

Project Name: Sense on Sense Pomegranate Poster
Company: Cherry Pie
Country: Russia
Background Information: The collaboration of digital printing and Scodix enhancement further enhances even the most dynamic of wall posters. Making subjects pop and come alive from a traditional 2D medium, not only confuses passerby’s, but demands their inspection and wonderment, making the poster a real attention grabber.

About Scodix

Scodix Ltd. is a leading provider of digital print enhancement presses for the Graphic Arts industry, giving print service providers and converters real, measurable added value to the products they deliver to their customers. Scodix gives you the tools you need to expand your product portfolio to put you one step ahead of the competition. Through our Scodix S Series, Scodix Ultra series, and Scodix E106™ press, we offer a range of applications including: Scodix Sense™ with exceptional tactile results for embosomed effects, Scodix Foil™ utilizing all types of foil, Scodix Spot™ for silkscreen effects, Scodix VDP/VDE™ (with barcode) for personalization, and Scodix Metallic™, Scodix Glitter™ and Scodix Braille™. What’s more, all Scodix applications are manufactured on a single Scodix digital enhancement press.

The company’s aim is to lead print enhancement into the digital age and to be known for its passion and commitment to providing what our customers need the most – true brand differentiation for today’s highly competitive printing environment. For more information please visit

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