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AccuLink Wins Customers and Awards for Exceptional Print with Scodix as the Catalyst

From customers like the NFL to judges, AccuLink is garnering

Rewards and Awards using Scodix–


Greenville, North Carolina – January 15, 2013 AccuLink, which specializes in short-run, small-format print, implemented the Scodix Digital Press in September 2011 and it’s been reaping the awards and rewards since. The press makes print stand out by using inkjet technology to register clear polymer in varying levels of thickness and texture—up to 250 microns. The Scodix1200™ also has the ability to produce up to 99 Gloss Units (GU) and features density capabilities from 1 to 100%. With 80% of the AccuLink’s revenue derived from printing (about 80% digitally) and about 20% obtained from finishing, the new press has been a natural fit for the growing leader.

When I first saw the press at a DSCOOP event in 2011, I couldn’t get my mind off of it,” notes President Tom O’Brien. “I thought it made so much sense for us that we decided if we made it available, business would come. The fact that Scodix engages two of your senses is a big deal. People remember the images longer because your recall ability goes up by a factor of four or five times, if not more, if you use more than one of your senses.”

Customers are stunned, overwhelmed by the effects,” enthuses Lindsay Gray, co-owner of AccuLink. “It’s so different than anything they’ve seen before. We’ve gotten all kinds of interest.”

AccuLink is pleased to see its growth pattern reaching the peak levels first realized in 2007 and 2008. O’Brien credits the growth to its ability to differentiate itself with quality print, such as from the HP Indigo presses, and high-end finishing services, such as from the Scodix digital enhancement solution. With both the Scodix and the HP Indigo presses ideally complimenting each other, AccuLink is experiencing an upward growth trend in jobs for both systems.

 NFL Awards and Rewards

To create a captivating print campaign that will motivate viewers to purchase luxury sky box seats to NFL football games is a challenge even when the economy is booming. However that was the task that AccuLink—a trade printer that partners with commercial printers, value added resellers, and marketing agencies—was recently tasked with. One of its customers asked the North Carolina communications provider to produce printed pieces that would be used in a personalized marketing campaign to help the customer sell an abundance of luxury box seating to professional football games.
With its unique tactile effect, the printed piece succeeded—the customer sold its entire sky box inventory. Not only did the printed project accomplish its goal, it caught the attention of judges of a printing competition. This project—and two others using the Scodix effect—won AccuLink three awards from PICA (the Printing Industries of the Carolinas) at the 45th Annual Awards.

 PEAK Awards

Acculink’s impressive printed materials continue to allure both customers and judges. The judges of the Print Excellence and Knowledge (PEAK) Awards recently granted AccuLink with a 2012 Grand Award for its packaging product, “Tissue Box”, which showcased a unique design and striking tactile finish. The competition, presented annually by PSDA (Print Services and Distribution Association), recognized that AccuLink’s new 3dUV digital embossing capability from the Scodix 1200 Digital Press added eye-catching detail to the printed product for its client, Thermotype.

 Winning Jobs Too

AccuLink, for instance, was selected from a pool of thousands of qualified printers to produce the coveted 2011 AIGA Award Ceremony Invitations. The attendees of the event represent the most prestigious design firms in the world so the invitation plays a critical role in attracting their attention and attendance. AIGA, which is the oldest and largest professional membership organization for designers with 66 chapters representing 22,000 members, contacted AccuLink knowing that AccuLink was the only commercial printer in the USA offering the special Scodix (3dUV) digital enhancement and mail fulfillment capabilities. AccuLink produced 7,000 eye-catching invitations. At the event, AIGA said to Gray that the invitation was the most unique invitation and that the attendance surpassed their goals.

For another customer, National Geographic, AccuLink delivered textured covers that brought nature to life. Using the Scodix press, AccuLink has created a wide range of projects including business cards, book covers, posters, and marketing pieces. “Our customers who have used it once have been successful with it and are finding new ways to use it all the time,” says O’Brien.

 Moving Forward

To achieve their award-winning results, AccuLink used a Scodix1200™ Digital Press. O’Brien and Gray recently upgraded their Scodix1200™ press to its new model the Scodix S74, and expect to continue adding extensions to the press as new modules become available. They have already added two new modules (braille and bar code reading module) further enhancing their capabilities. They were also impressed with a new glitter station. O’Brien concludes: “I can confidently say, if I had to do it over again, I would.”

 About AccuLink

AccuLink, located in Greenville, North Carolina, has been servicing the graphic communications industry since 1980 and now has established clients in all 50 states, as well as internationally. The company’s mission is to continue to add value to our communication solutions with superior service, technology and expertise. Entrusted with managing, producing and distributing sensitive projects globally, AccuLink strives to always exceed their client’s highest expectations. With roots in quick printing, technology and distribution services, AccuLink has grown to be a respected vendor by thousands of customers coast to coast.

The company’s strong regional presence in eastern North Carolina and professional reputation has yielded solid partnerships with fellow commercial printers, value added resellers and marketing agencies across the nation. These partnerships account for a majority of the company’s sales. Its dedication to understanding third party relationship, a willingness to meet difficult deadlines, and an ability to deliver solutions on time and under budget has catapulted AccuLink to consistent ranks in the Top 100 Trade Printers polls. For more information, go to

 About Scodix

Scodix Ltd. is the leading provider of digital print enhancements for the graphic arts industry, offering the breakthrough Scodix SENSE™ experience and the Scodix Rainbow station in the Americas, Europe, Middle-East, Asia and Africa. The company’s aim is to lead print enhancement into the digital age and to be known for its passion and commitment to providing what our customers need the most – true brand differentiation for today’s highly competitive printing environment. For more information please visit


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