Looking to Print on Uncoated Paper? Scodix Has You Covered!

When was the last time one of your customers requested a printing quote on an uncoated paper? For many printers the answer might very well be five minutes ago, 2 days ago or just last week. The real questions is whether you were able to accommodate their request easily with a high-quality output? If no is the answer, or it put a strain on your print shop, you need to discover the power of Scodified printing as you move towards 2018.

Recently, our team of innovators here at Scodix announced a widened range of approved uncoated papers that can be used with the Scodix Ultra Pro. An announcement that comes to the market at a time when uncoated paper is hot. Why uncoated? There are a few reasons designers and print operators would like to leverage an uncoated stock.

A Warmer Presentation
There was a great article written by In-Plant Graphics that compares and contrasts coated versus uncoated paper. Out of the research they did, they found that designers have keyed into the perception and feeling of the paper print is delivered on. It actually reminds of our article on how the senses affects brand perception. Coated papers are considered to have a colder, more ridged or formal sensation. Whereas, an uncoated sheet feels softer to the touch, more flexible and can have many different shades or textures associated with it. The result is an ability to soften the experience for the recipient. One of the examples they use in the In-Plant article is a company softening the image of their annual report by changing the paper from a coated, firm stock to an uncoated, textured paper. The benefit to Scodix clients is that an Ultra Pro Digital Enhancement Press prints on the widest variety of uncoated stocks of any digital press on the market.

Uncoated Simply Costs Less
In today’s competitive business landscape, we are always looking at project costs. Whether it is a formal prospectus, an invite, promotional materials or a quick informative piece, our managers have to try to find cost savings where they can. It is simply a reality to stay competitive. As uncoated papers continue to grow as a trend and project leaders look to leverage the presentation and perception qualities we mentioned previous, there is another happy consequence. In most cases, an uncoated paper will cost a print shop less to acquire. The result is a reduction in media cost. Now, there are some differences with ink utilization, but Scodified customers will be surprised at the quality and efficiency of a Scodix Ultra Pro—a machines designed to print on coated, uncoated and nearly 200 other substrates including foil. Uncoated might just provide that cost savings edge along with offering customers what they really want.

More Choices
One of the challenges with digital printing technology has been the choice of paper stocks and alternative substrates. For the most part, quality digital print has been associated with coated stocks. This is largely due to the barrier the coating provides on the paper allowing the toner or ink to sit on top, while the chemical reaction helps with drying properties. Technology has come a long way in the past few decades of digital print and Scodix is one of the leaders in innovating to make sure print shops can offer what the public wants. With our recent announcement of an expanded approved uncoated paper selection, printers with a Scodix Ultra Pro will have more choices than they ever have had before. Going back to the In-Plant article, they also share that there are more paper sizes for uncoated stocks than there are for coated, allowing for more creative design freedom and operational efficiency. More choices, more customers and more business wins.

Learn more about the more than 200 substrates that our Scodix Ultra Pro Digital Enhancement Press can handle by contacting one of our Scodified experts. You can also request a sample because feeling is believing!

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