Embellishment Inspiration to Get Your Print Business Moving Again

It has been an uncertain and difficult beginning to 2020. But now as a print industry, we are presented with the challenge of how to jump-start business again. For print shop owners and buyers alike, the goal is to make products they deliver to customers standout. Creativity and the innovative use of print and print finishing technology are essential in this effort. Why? Because even with the impact of COVID-19, we are still drawn to materials that create visual interest…that “pop” as compared to other materials around them.

As a print shop, if you have been considering a move to create and deliver a differentiated print, Scodix is here to help you build new business. To help, we have many customer relationships that we can share to inspire your organization and help chart the path to new markets, business and success. Even more important, we have customers all around the globe and in many different types of print that range from commercial and luxury goods to folding carton packaging.

A recent example comes from a Scodix customer in India. Ocean Deep Printers launched a new printing venture in 2017 called Inovision. The cornerstone of this new print business and its offering to the market was a Scodix digital printing enhancement press. This year in a recent PrintWeek article, the company says that it’s Scodix printing and finishing technology is their most valuable asset. In the article Shripal R Patel, founder of Ocean Deep Printers and Inovision said:

“The Scodix has proven to be a solid production machine for our business, and we have been benefitted greatly from the investment. This dynamic system allows us to address a wider range of materials and polymers. As our business has expanded, we’ve gotten requests for all types of projects, produced on all types of substrates. Not only are we now able to deliver these luxury enhancements on personalised and short-run jobs, but with the cost savings made on eradicating the outsourcing of foiling/ tooling costs and set-up time, we can make high-end finishing available to those even on tight budgets.”

The above is an excellent example of how new print and finishing technology can positively impact your print business. With Scodix technology, you gain the ability to add foil, spot, UV, glitter, dimensional polymers, holographic effects and more. However, Ocean Deep Printers is just one of many examples of how this type of technology can be used to offer your regional market print and folding packaging they desire…or perhaps didn’t think was possible without long lead times and significant cost. That is truly the value of Scodix technology to today’s print shops; bring work back in-house, reduce production times, reduce production costs and deliver a finished product that genuinely wows your customer.

We invite you to watch this video from another Scodix customer in Germany, Nino Druck. The former CEO, Marcus Kalle, discusses the value of the Scodix to his print business and how it has allowed them to open doors to new opportunities. As you will see in the video, they have integrated their Scodix with both digital and offset production with the result of attracting customers who are only with them because they are able to offer high-end, embellished products.

If you are in the folding carton packaging market, then you are going to want to see how this Chinese customer, SUBU, were able to deliver detailed and beautiful moon cake boxes for their customer. What’s more, is the volume represented by this order and how it was completed by an in-house production department—50,000 boxes!

At Scodix, we are here to help inspire you, your organization and your print and packaging offerings. Contact us to start the next chapter of your business in 2020 and beyond. #WeAreInThisTogether.


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