Bringing Market Change to Packaging with New and Innovative Print Technology

Over the past few years, we have seen digital printing change the shape and perception of the printing marketplace. As digital printing has continued to prove its everyday capabilities—and durability—it has also allowed dreamers to dream, creatives to create and innovation to flourish. Scodix is pushing the limits of what you can do with not only digital print on paper, but also in the carton converting, a.k.a., packaging industry. And the Scodix E106 digital enhancement press is part of the equation for future success.

In our recently press release, the team here at Scodix announced their excitement to see the first E106 go to a customer for beta testing. Copycenter, the first beta recipient, is also excited and is looking forward to the impact the new E106 will have on their ability to produce embellished and differentiated packaging products for their customers.

“The versatile Scodix E106 Digital Enhancement Press is the perfect addition to our portfolio,” said Uri Drori, CEO of Copycenter. “The outstanding range of enhancements in a B1 format means we will be able to fulfil all our enhancement jobs on just one platform.”

This is what we mean by getting Scodified. We are on a mission to add a touch of luxury to print in an easy and cost-effective process. Using our technology, we offer the ability to produce dimensional print, inline foil, spot varnishes, holograms, embossing and many other digitally enhanced print and finishing capabilities. Copycenter was excited to be one of the first to task our new E106 digital enhancement press as a competitive advantage in the packaging market.

Describing the value of the E106, Drori went on to say: “Also, working with high-profile customers in the beauty category means that shelf appeal is critical to the products we produce. Digital technology will allow us to meet the ever-increasing demand for new applications including versioning and short runs that these products require.”

With the ability to offer short to medium run lengths on a 1060 x 760mm format (B1) and deliver finishing that you have to touch to believe, the Scodix E106 digital enhancement press is something we hope you will explore for your growing print shop. And Copycenter isn’t the only one waiting to help us prove put our new digital printing press to the test—another beta test site is set to be implemented in Europe over the summer.

Sticking to the beta testing promise we made at Drupa 2016 is important to us. We believe that by offering standout print you can improve your customers brand and perception while boosting your bottom line and winning in new markets.

In fact, our CEO, Roy Porat, said this:

“At drupa 2016 we pledged that beta testing would be underway mid-2017 and we are delivering on that promise. This phase takes us a step closer to a new standard in packaging enhancement.”
Packaging is an exciting market to be a part of in today’s print landscape; as the beta testing continue be sure to stay in touch with us as Scodix is set to be the advantage for forward looking print shops in the bidding for new packaging business.

Want to learn more about the E106 and its journey to Copycenter? Watch our video on it being uninstalled at our factory and moved to its new home within the Copycenter facility. You can also view our movie of the new Scodix E106 running. It isn’t quite as good as touching the actual print samples, but we believe it will inspire you to explore all of our Scodix digital printing capabilities.

For more information on the E106 or our other line of digital enhancement presses, contact us or join the conversation on social media via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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