5 Freaky Facts about Print Finishing

As the communications needs of marketers and brand owners has shifted, commercial printers needs have also shifted. Trade print finishing companies are presented with an incredible opportunity to embrace the shifts in demand to carve out a niche of their own with on-demand print finishing technologies.  Why, you may wonder?

  1. Digital print finishing can be cost-effective at any quantity.
    You read that right. Traditionally, luxurious print finishing only made sense when volumes were high. Costly die creations and time-consuming make readies simply couldn’t be justified at small quantities. With digital enhancement technologies, you’ll open the door to adding value to the end-client’s brand experience.
  1. It can be personalized.
    Consumers love personalized marketing materials, and the one size fits all approach of traditional print finishing can leave much to be desired. Leave consumers awe-struck with personalized communications by digitally enhancing their experience with foil, embossing, glitter and beyond.
  1. It can be done without dies, screens, and costly make readies.
    Traditional print finishing solutions not only require the creation of dies and screens, but they take time to properly register on press. With digital enhancement technologies, you remove dies and screens from the conversation altogether. Not to mention, enjoy streamlined production with registration technology that ensures perfect registration every time.

  2. It can be applied to synthetic stocks, lamination, & more.
    As substrates continue to change to embrace the needs of brands today, it’s important to note that print enhancement isn’t just for good ol’ fashioned paper. Synthetic stocks including leather and plastic, as well as laminated sheets enable you to add the sensory touch to virtually any substrate at quantities as low as one.
  1. It can help you carve out your niche.
    Adding value for your customers is imperative as print runs get shorter, and relevance becomes demanded by consumers. Show your print service provider clients that you fully embrace this shift in their demand, and are armed to provide specialty coatings on-demand to fit their needs.

Interested in embracing the on-demand shift in your print finishing business?

Contact us to discuss how you can add value to print service providers today.

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