3 Sure-Fire Ways to Accelerate Desired Print Reaching Consumers

Reaching consumers has never been more critical. Most businesses recognize that there are challenges accessing existing and potential customers. And the options for doing so in most industries are limited by the availability of labor. This is no different for Print Service Providers (PSPs) or trade finishers in the printing industry. Through strategic direction, Scodix and our innovative teams, we have three sure-fire ways your print production and finishing organization can level up on the desirability of your print to print buyers and direct consumers.

Recently, Deborah Corn, Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse, spoke to Jason Rollo, President of North America for Scodix, on Podcasts for the Printerverse (Listen below).

During Enabling Efficiency and Opportunity, Deborah and Jason explore how digitally embellished print positively impacts the enjoyment of printed materials when recipients receive them. Taking it a step further, Jason shares how the innovations and forward-looking offerings from Scodix are making it possible for direct consumers to gain access to standout printed materials without ever leaving the comfort of their home (and with an amazing customer experience).

As not to spoil the amazing conversation between Deborah and Jason, let’s jump in on these three key areas for accelerating the reach and desirability of your print offerings. And be sure to click above to listen for more details.

Increased Speed to Market

The availability and sustainability of labor continue to be a challenge for print businesses’ smooth operation and growth. The global pandemic of 2020 accelerated the awareness and understanding of the impact of manual labor within a print production environment. It changed the way people shop and buy, leading to a more Internet of Things (IoT) connection to production environments and factories and the volume of smaller, more customized orders. Scodix has innovative technology that has been strategically crafted to answer these needs while providing an increased speed to market. Jason describes more fulling in Podcasts from the Printerverse; however, the key concepts include being able to automate and digitize the print embellishment processes, including spot varnishes, foils, emboss/deboss and glitter. The automation and speed of production are tightly linked to the market-leading Scodix digital embellishment presses and their innovative Scodix Studio Automated Workflow Packages for accelerated processing of work going to the press.

Enabling Direct to Consumer Buying

As consumers have been home more during the most recent period, the way they shop and buy has quickly shifted to online channels. We see this as an accelerated shift to trends we have seen for the last decade as the internet increasingly becomes more accessible. Consider how you, your family, or your friends are shopping. A great example for printed goods is greeting cards. You may remember our holiday card press release, Scodix Enhances More Than 50 Million Holiday Cards in North America for the 2020 Holiday Season. The way we shop and order is influencing the way PSPs are receiving orders directly from consumers as well as directly through retailers’ or brands’ websites. Through innovative technology such as the launch of Scodix Studio Station, we are enabling standout print that is more desirable to direct consumers. Learn more from Jason by listening to the full podcast.

An Unprecedented Selection of 9 Different Applications

With 9 different Scodix applications, Print Service Providers (PSPs) can deliver highly differentiated premium products, in-house –lamination, embossing, foil, or other embellishments. In the printing industry’s rapid transformation from analog to digital printing, every Scodix application has become a powerful, high-quality, and cost-effective replacement for the traditional analog machine.

Never before seen designs can now be easily produced using different combinations of applications, such as Scodix Sense™ on Scodix Foil™, Scodix Foil™ on foil, and many other variations. Each of the 9 Scodix applications and additional combinations of Scodix applications provide PSPs with the unique ability to print any of them on a single press!

If you are looking to accelerate your business, level up your customer experience, and work with a company committed to the very best in digitally embellished print finishing, be sure to reach out to a Scodix representative, order a few samples and check out all the thoughtful content on our Scodix blog.


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