What Do Your Print Products Need? Digital Print Enhancements

Need is a strong word…does print really need digital print enhancements? To answer that we should probably back up a little bit and define what we mean by digital print enhancements. If you aren’t familiar with Scodix or the capabilities of a Scodix digital enhancement press then you should be prepared for the excitement that is the latest generation of improved print. What is more is that it even has a proven knack for increasing the value of print and the amount that it can be sold for.

To define digital print enhancements, we are actually going to refer to another blog published here on Scodix.com: Be in the Top 10 Percent of Printers by Adding Scodix Digital Print Enhancements. In that article we leveraged the definition from Keypoint Intelligence:

“White ink, spot colors, fluorescents, and spot/flood coating. You could also extend that to capabilities to add foil, glitter, holograms and more inline with a digital print enhancement press.”

To relate this to experience, you have probably seen and touched a printed piece with foil, glitter, spot varnish or even raised designs or lettering. Perhaps even something that represents a wood grain or an animal skin. You might have seen braille that was printed on the page instead of punched by a brailling machine. These are all examples of print enhancements, however, the ones you have seen may not have been done digitally. In fact, they more likely were done using older independent or offline processes that are a second or third step after the actual printing production step.

This is where Scodix and the power of digital print enhancement come into play; and how they can greatly change the opportunities available to your printing business. The last sets of research published on the digital print enhancement market indicated that the value in 2020 (which is just around the corner) will be somewhere near 1.3 billion dollars. And print buyers have proven to pay 25% to up to 89% more for digitally enhanced or embellished print materials over a traditional CMYK only print process.

If we have piqued your interest, there are a couple of things you need to know. First, you should get a sense of what is possible in our Before and After Gallery right here on the Scodix website. Second, you should learn about our new offerings and how they are more affordable than ever before. We cover that in our blog titled: Digital Print Enhancement Just Got More Affordable. Third, you should discover the possibilities of dovetailing the digital print enhancement market with the reach and opportunity of web-to-print. Scodix recently announced a new web-to-print solution that is set to change the access to digital print enhancements by people looking to buy print. In Scodified Web-to-Print Set to Revolutionize Online Print and Delivery Offerings we discuss the market opportunities and how printers can leverage this to create a more profitable business that continues to grow.

To loop back to the original question: why does your print need digital print enhancements? The answer is to stay relevant. To help your business grow instead of shrink. To stay competitive in print when you are now competing with online businesses that are potentially taking market share from you even when they aren’t local to your area. And finally, to give your clients and their brands a superior experience with their final printed product that makes their customers remember them…which makes your clients return to you for more print work.

To learn more about the capabilities of a Scodix digital enhancement press, we invite you to reach out to a sales representative. You can also request a sample to experience the power of digital print enhancement in person. We look forward to helping your print business offer a new experience in print that is easier for you to manage, produce and deliver, while helping you add value and grow your business.

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