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Scodix interview: Matt Doran, President & CEO, Anstadt Communications


Anstadt Communications, established in 1878, is an integrated marketing and graphics communications company with headquarters in York, Pennsylvania. Anstadt is comprised of three brands: Anstadt Communications, Central File Marketing and K Press with locations in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Texas. The company is an innovator and is always looking towards the future to best serve its customers. The company has a client base that ranges from global to local brands, and offers a variety of marketing and commercial print services.
We talked to Anstadt President and CEO, Matthew Doran, to find out more:

Anstadt was founded in 1878, can you tell us about the company’s journey since then?
Anstadt has continuously invested in the latest technologies in order to deliver top of the line print services that have enabled our customers to grow, which, in turn, helped us to grow too. Taking a leading position in technology has allowed us to serve a multitude of audiences in the ever-changing print market.

Why did you decide to purchase a Scodix press?
As a business, we were looking for new customers and wider geographies. We decided to purchase a Scodix Ultra Pro with Foil press in 2016, as we believed this would be the way to further differentiate our services from those of our competition, while assisting our clients to do the same.

Who are the customers you planned on to use Scodix technology?
When we started, we didn’t really have any clients. We had a few large brands on our radar that we thought would adopt Scodix technology – and they did. But to our delight the local brands, that we have been serving for years, embraced it overwhelmingly too. This has been one of the most amazing things to me.

Has Scodix technology enabled growth?
Scodix did not just install equipment on our floor, they actually opened doors to new business on our behalf. For example, we successfully cracked the New York City market, the media capital of the world, and Scodix was the door opener. Scodix allowed us to get into places, and, once we were inside, people listened to us – but it was Scodix that got us in there. Manhattan is not an easy market to break into and Scodix was the key.

So how would you explain the market today?
While part of the market is still learning what Scodix can deliver, many of the early adopters are pushing us to deliver more – this is the opposite of us having to pull to get the business. It is almost like reverse selling. Customers even call us to tell us “We’ve got one for Scodix”! Very few technologies have had the impact that Scodix has had.

Can you tell me about the Scodix value?
The value that Scodix brings reminds me of the introduction of wide format printing 10 years ago. When we first adopted wide format, we were running jobs for about an hour a day, but even then, we were making money from it due to the high margins. Now our wide format runs on multiple shifts and the revenue is great. In a similar way, our Scodix press doesn’t need to be running all the time to be profitable. Plus, for every dollar that our clients spend on Scodix, they also spend two or three more dollars on other services we provide. The success and growth in our company has a lot to do with the high Scodix margins and revenue generated from these additional services.

So, the ROI was better than you planned on?
We have been running the Scodix press on multiple shifts. During the last two months of 2017, we ran double shifts and weekends to keep up with demand. We only installed the press in October 2016 and it is now running non-stop. It is amazing and the best thing is that we don’t need to run this press flat out to make a profit. The press has paid for itself in just over 12 months.

How is it to operate a Scodix Press?
It is an easy technology to run. You do need to learn how to get the files ready, but the learning curve is not steep and the Scodix team are great teachers. Scodix is truly a digital press. One operator can run this press, and other digital presses, in the same shift. Scodix is part of our definition of “lights out printing”.

Were you concerned about any risks with Scodix?
Like any new technology there was an initial concern, but one of the major mitigating factors is the support we have had from Scodix. Scodix has been unbelievably involved from day one and continues to be a true partner in our business.

What are your final thoughts about Scodix?
Scodix is changing print and bringing business back to Print Service Providers. Scodix technology brought in business to our company and actually has customers knocking on our door, instead of our sales team knocking on theirs. Brands have moved dollars from other forms of media to purchase enhanced print from our Scodix press, which has brought us double-digit growth in 2017. Scodix has brought the excitement back to print and is a true success story.

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