Scodix E106

B1 Folding Carton Digital Enhancement Press

The Scodix E106 digital enhancement press supports short to medium run lengths not yet achieved in the printing industry combining features and functionality providing unmatched benefits to differentiate offerings and boost profit margins.

Scodix Ultra 202

Fully Featured Digital Enhancement Press

The Scodix Ultra 202 digital enhancement press fuses new levels of flexibility, quality, and productivity generating unprecedented digital value. This press includes up to 9 Scodix applications on one platform.

Scodix Ultra 101

Affordable Digital Enhancement Press

The Scodix Ultra 101 digital enhancement press is designed for offset and HP Indigo presses. This press produces unmatched quality – on time and on budget – all on one press platform.

Scodix Polymers

The Scodix proprietary Scodix PolySense™ polymers are the heart of the Scodix digital enhancement presses and ensure reliability, high-end quality and overall performance of the complete Scodix solution.

Scodix Studio W2P

A Scodix automation workflow package specifically designed for the W2P market for increasing the utilization and productivity of Scodix Ultra family of presses, by off-loading and automating file preprocessing.