Scodix Ultra 1000’s Series

Scodix 1000’s series targets specific market segments including commercial print, Packaging, web-2-print, and more with a focus on fine details and surface finishing. Products produced with Scodix enhancements include business/greeting cards, folders, book covers, brochures, labels, packaging and more.


Scodix Studio

The Scodix Studio Station is a productivity workflow package specifically designed for the Scodix Ultra Family of presses. This package is the perfect fit for commercial printers, publishers, folding carton converters, finishers and other print service providers. 

Scodix Polymers

The Scodix proprietary Scodix PolySense™ polymers are the heart of the Scodix digital enhancement presses and ensure reliability, high-end quality and overall performance of the complete Scodix solution.

Scodix Technology

Scodix Ultra platform technology offers unique advantages for enhancement printing.