Scodix Ultra 202

The fully featured digital enhancement press

The Scodix Ultra 202 digital enhancement press fuses new levels of flexibility, quality and productivity generating unprecedented digital value to commercial PSPs and folding carton converters.

The Scodix Ultra 202 press provides you with the largest array of enhancement job capabilities in the print industry today. This press produces unmatched quality – on time and on budget – all on one press platform.

The Scodix Ultra 202 press supports all Scodix applications. Running efficiently on a single platform replaces the need for separate systems on your production floor.

Scodix Ultra 202 Applications

  • Scodix Sense™
  • Scodix Foil™
  • Scodix VDE/VDP™ *
  • Scodix Metallic™
  • Scodix Cast&Cure™ *
  • Scodix Glitter™
  • Scodix Braille™ *
  • Scodix Crystal™ *
  • Scodix Spot™

* Not part of the standard package

Scodix Ultra 202 Technology

Scodix Ultra 202 platform technology offers unique advantages for enhancement printing.

  • Scodix RSP™(Rotate/Scale/Position) Registration Technology is based on a multi CCD camera system and dedicated software algorithms, this application rotates, scales and positions the Scodix print enhancement image with pinpoint accuracy, scanning each individual sheet to efficiently deliver the PolySense™ clear polymer liquids to its precise location.
  • Scodix Automatic Switching enables operators to quickly and easily switch material between and up to 5-different polymers, making sure any print receives the perfect printing conditions, further improving performance.
  • Scodix Variable Density allows for an unlimited variety of Scodix polymer densities with the ability to vary polymer density from 1-100% in a single pass, adding tangible depth/texture to images and text.
  • Scodix Ultra™ Twin-Tray System conveys sheets under the fixed array of inkjet heads in a single pass at a rate of 1,250 B2 size sheets per hour. With two trays operating simultaneously and with an independent motion system for each tray, the Scodix Ultra 202 reaches the ultimate ratio of performance and efficiency – every time, on every job.
  • Scodix Foil deploys a wide range of hot and cold industry standard foil films, coupled with a large gamut of qualified media. With Scodix digital foil, foil can be an integral part of any important print job, providing best performance, in any run length, from one to thousands. All with no dyes, molds and set up time.

The Scodix Challenge

Print service providers and folding carton converters are part of a fast-paced, ever-changing industry with increasing customer demands that directly impact their own business. All along the supply chain, differentiation is key to achieving market share, shelf space or a larger portion of customer spending. The ability to stand out, outshine the competition and deliver a truly memorable product, is the goal of every print PSP. But the real challenge is in reducing run length, set-up time and lower costs to maximize quality and productivity which generates new business. This challenge is met with the Scodix Ultra Family of Presses.


A clean, green process that contains no polluting additives, Scodix PolySense eliminate plates, molds, chemicals, and solvents while reducing energy consumption. Scodix PolySense output is non-toxic.