Press Release

Three Customers Purchase Scodix Ultra Pro Systems at Printex to Overcome Demand

Australia’s CMYKHub , Port Printing, and New Zealand’s Fuzed have all purchased additional Scodix systems for one reason: to meet the increasing marketplace demand

Rosh Haayin, Israel – July 1, 2015 — Scodix, the leading provider of digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, today announced the recent acquisitions of Scodix Ultra™ Pro presses by CMYKHub (Australia), Port Printing Works (Australia), and Fuzed of Auckland, New Zealand. The systems were purchased off the show floor at last month’s Printex show in Sydney, directly out of the Currie Group stand, the local Scodix distributor. The Scodix Ultra Pro system was appropriately chosen as a “Hot Pick” at this year’s event.

All three industry leaders, CMYKHub, Port Printing Works, and Fuzed, purchased their Scodix systems to meet constant rising market demands from long-time clients, as well as new profitable business driven by the unique capabilities of digital enhancement.

The value we add to the printed project is not only relevant to the look and feel of the end product’s success, but to the service provider’s importance to their clients,” notes Lior Meron, Regional Manager, Scodix. “Scodix plays an increasing role in elevating the customer’s revenue and marketplace status by the opportunity we give our customers to differentiate themselves. All three of these marketplace trailblazers have not only realized these benefits, but capitalized upon them to the point they needed additional productive abilities just to keep up with the demand.”


CMYKhub, with four different production factories throughout the continent, exclusively services other commercial printing providers. The company, the brainchild of Clive Denholm, is no stranger to starting up and running innovative print business in Australia and abroad. Managing Director Trent Nankervis noted, “We are dedicated to providing small to medium-size print shops and print resellers with access to the finest and most impacting print technologies available. Scodix enables us to offer superior quality and unique enhancements that our clients are eager to pay a premium price for. It’s a win-win situation. We needed to purchase an additional Scodix press to keep up with capacity demands”.


Port Printing Works, a 30-staff family printer, installed Australia’s first Scodix system (S74 Pro) back in 2013. Even then, the company saw an opportunity to set itself apart with the machine’s embellishing capabilities.


We produce an enormous amount of business cards, and the Scodix systems enable us to apply pinpoint-accurate spot UV in an extremely efficient manner,” notes Director Tom Wagenaar. “Being a wholesale printer, that translates to profits. But we also use the Scodix system for presentation folders, book covers, and basically anything that needs to stand out. Our clients and their target audiences really appreciate the difference and value of the enhancements.”


Fuzed Owners Jason and Matt Mills stated, “We needed to replace our existing Scodix press [upgraded to Scodix Ultra Pro] to keep up with constantly swelling capacity demands”. For Fuzed, public recognition just keeps coming. This year the company known for its production of lenticular printing, (exporting over 80% of it; much of it to Australia and the USA) won eight gold medals and seven highly commended prizes at this year’s Pride in Print, as well as being touted as Best in Process, for the digital print of their Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Invite. Last fall, using the same piece, Fuzed placed second in the General Printing Category in the 2014 Scodix Design Awards. It was chosen from a bank of very impressive entries that were done for well-known worldwide brands such as Chronograph, Jaguar, Bacardi, Stela Beer and MARVEL.