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Both Scodix S74 presses from the show drupa halls will be shipped directly to customers after the show

Scodix, drupa, June 06, 2012

Scodix today announced that both its B2+ S74 presses on working display at drupa had been sold to customers during the show. The 29” presses launched exclusively at drupa 2012 to provide enhanced digital eye-catching experience, featuring a modular design that can accommodate thicker substrates and a higher Scodix SENSETM solution up to 250 microns.

The first Scodix S74 will be shipped directly to fourth-generation German family company Rieker Druckverendelung, near Stuttgart, to provide a range of value-added services to its enhancement capabilities. The company, which handles high-value brands such as Porsche, Mercedes Benz and Hugo Boss for its commercial trade customers, will be only the second installation in Germany to receive the newly launched Scodix press.

Rieker owner and Managing Director Ralph C Rieker says: “The problem we have today is that designers’ imaginations of what can be done with print enhancement is limited because they all work with computer generated images. The Scodix will provide us with a perfect opportunity to provide proofs that they can touch and feel, whilst also allowing us to do the full production run when they need it.



“As a modular design, we are buying the base station, but plan to add additional elements such as holography and lenticular stations when they become available. Also, as the Scodix press uses printed registration marks to produce perfectly aligned prints, it doesn’t matter which process produces the original sheets, whether it be Xeikon, Xerox, Indigo or an offset process. That is very important to us as we take work from so many different customers.”

The second press is destined for Graficol in The Netherlands, a trade finishing house founded more than 30 years ago. As the first Scodix destined for the Netherlands and Benelux region, it will provide Graficol with a significant advantage in producing high-quality specialist enhancements.

With a heritage in continuous form printing, the company has recently adapted its business model to become a trade finisher focusing on pharmaceutical packaging, books, greetings cards, promotional items and display products. The company has also bought a dedicated Scodix Braille option – launched exclusively at drupa – to add applications for the blind and visually impaired.

Graficol technical director Matthijs Renkema says: “We bought the press without a ready market but we know that it will have huge potential for specialist labels, books, Braille products and packaging. The samples that Scodix have produced for us are fantastically tactile and just what producers need to make their products stand out on the shelf or in the store.

“When consumers see a row of books in a shop, they need to be encouraged to pick one up and buy it. A book with an enhanced cover is just the impact many people need, and once they have it in their hands, they are much more likely to purchase the product.

“The Braille application is also unique. Providing the means to read Braille text, but also to follow the contours of shapes and objects is a terrific advancement in communications for the blind and visually impaired.”

As a stand-alone solution compatible with offset, laminated sheets and digital print feeds, the Scodix S-series press can automatically process substrates from 135 to 675gsm (6-30 points) and thickness up to 700 microns. As a modular design, customers can also add the latest Braille print option and Rainbow Glitter capabilities – two more innovations launched by Scodix at the drupa event.

The Scodix S74 provides the tangible Scodix SENSE™ experience using advanced jetting blocks and multiple independently controlled inkjet nozzles to deliver Scodix’s proprietary PolySENSETM clear polymer in small drops.  The Scodix patent-pending Optical Print Alignment (OPA) camera system executes enhancements with pinpoint accuracy, scanning each and every sheet to ensure delivery of the Scodix PolySENSE™ clear polymer to its exact location.

The Scodix S Digital Press has the power to stir the senses with its creations and to produce an eye-catching, memorable experience. Using unique digital enhancement capabilities, it can produce 99 Gloss Units (GU) – the highest gloss available for printed materials – up to 250 microns in polymer height and variable density capabilities, ranging from 1% to 100%.


Ziki Kuly, Scodix Vice President of Marketing says: “We have had a fantastic show and the visitor numbers to our stand every day show the tremendous level of interest in the Scodix products. We are delighted to have sold the two show models to customers here at drupa. At the end of the show, they will be packed up and rather than coming back to the factory in Israel will be delivered directly to the new customers.  We are delighted to have the first ever installation in The Netherlands and only the second in Germany signing here this week.”

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