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New York’s GSB Digital Installs Scodix to Drive New Print Enhancement Capabilities

Print Provider Known for Innovation, Innovates Again

NEW YORK – November 14, 2017 – Scodix, the leading provider of digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, today announced they have sold and installed a Scodix Ultra Pro with Foil digital enhancement press to GSB Digital. Known as one of the most distinguished trade service providers in the NYC metro area for more than 25 years, GSB Digital has earned a distinguished reputation for designing and producing unprecedented digital innovation that exceeds client expectations.

“GSB Digital is all about innovation… our goal is to always be the technological and service leader. Targeting to a market that extends the spectrum from small shop owners to high-end brands, we’re in a constant battle to deliver that innovation that captures a diverse audience’s attention, but reverberates a city-wide buzz. Our research indicates that Scodix is a production tool that delivers on both fronts. In fact, they take us to a whole new level of finishing and enhancement sophistication,” notes Marketing Director Jessica Andersen.

The new press is a “game changer” for a company which prides, and markets itself, on innovation and throughput speed. Specifically, GSB Digital purchased their Scodix Ultra Pro with a foil unit to vastly expand their enhancement capabilities. Beginning in mid-October, GSB Digital is now able to offer their customers an expanded range of high-end specialty finishing products more efficiently through a fully digital process.

Digital Foiling

The feature the production team is most excited about is personalized projects using foil. “There are some elements of the Scodix finishing process that just cannot feasibly be replicated in a traditional process. Specifically, the capability to product variable foil applications.” says Andersen, “The ability to provide personalized foil treatments is really going to be attractive to our current customer base, as well as to a host of new print clients. This feature by itself will help us reach deeper into the market and provide a unique revenue stream.”

The Scodix Foil Station, which is an optional module GSB Digital chose to include in their configuration, runs in-line with the Scodix Ultra Pro, delivering unmatched foil enhancement capabilities. It deploys a wide range of hot and cold industry-standard foil films, coupled with a variety of substrates and processes, including offset, digital, plastics, laminated/non-laminated, and coated and uncoated options.

“GSB Digital’s mission is to empower our clients by providing marketing vehicles that not only creatively promote their message, but reinforce their professional image. Accordingly, we strive to meld innovative technology with tremendously passionate people to execute each client’s print projects. While it may be a cliché, our success really is a function of our clients’ achievements,” said GSB Digital President Stephan Steiner. “Adding this Scodix press was a no brainer for our team, as it further drives the realization of our mission.

About GSB Digital

GSB Digital is a trusted print provider in the greater NYC area. With 26 years of experience under our belt, we have developed into your full-service print communication source. Accustomed to the needs of both the big-name luxury designer brand and the all-American small business, part of our mission is to offer sophisticated technologies and techniques that make print communications unique. Additionally, GSB Digital offers litigation support services and provides ESI/EDD (electronic document discovery), scanning and reprographic services to the legal industry. For more information, visit or @GSBDigital on Twitter.

About Scodix

Scodix Ltd. is the leading provider of digital print enhancement presses for the Graphic Arts industry, offering print service providers and converters the ability to add value to the products they provide to their customers. The company’s digital enhancement presses and Scodix SENSE™ solution offer unmatched, high-quality enhancement capabilities that make the graphic communications printed product stand out from the rest and leave a lasting impression. For more information please visit

The company’s aim is to lead print enhancement into the digital age and to be known for its passion and commitment to providing what our customers need the most – true brand differentiation for today’s highly competitive printing environment.

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