Operation Marketing Transformation: 5 Ways Scodix Will Make the Difference for Print Customers in 2017

We are all looking for an edge this New Year; it is January and we want to make 2017 the best year yet…but how? Our team here at Scodix was thinking about this too and we have put together 5 ways Scodix will help your team make the difference.

Reduce Outsourcing and Standout with Scodix Foil
Hot and Cold foil has been a popular embellishment for printed materials, but for many print shops it comes with the added cost of outsourcing for the foil process. Even if you do it in-house, Scodix can help transform your processes, and marketing, by giving you the equivalent to hot and cold foil capabilities with the Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Press Foil Station. As an optional module, the Foil Station allows for a wide-range of hot and cold industry standard foils films to be used without the need to spend additional money and time outsourcing for that fantastic foil effect. Scodix Foil also reduces cost by replacing more traditional analog methods and eliminating the need for dies, plates, molds and other materials. Moreover, it adds flexibility and personalization with the variable data options incorporated in the Scodix Ultra Pro Digital Presses. As you design your next piece, consider using foil and take your print to another level. While your marketing and customers benefit from the look of foil, your operations will experience an increase in production, a reduction in cost and a superior final product.

Make Your Marketing Shine Like a Diamond
Making your print and mail standout in 2017 means going beyond the use of color. You need something that really grabs attention. What if you used crystals on your printing to really set it apart? In the past, that would add significant cost and time, but with the Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Presses you can add a little shine to your marketing or client pieces without the manual headache of placing individual crystals. Scodix Crystals™ create a real three-dimensional item with a high-build polymer—up to 1,000 microns of thickness. And don’t forget about the 2017 USPS discounts for certain kinds of mailings, you could save a little green with the 2017 Tactile, Sensory & Interactive Mailpiece Engagement Program.

Leverage Traditional Flat Varnishes for That All Important First-Impression
When you need to print on a variety of materials and make it standout, the go-to process that designers trust is silkscreen. You can add spot varnish to make your creations come to life and standout in the crowd, not to mention print on PVCs, carton and many other materials. However, it adds cost, time and in some cases, can sacrifice quality. A way around the complication is to leverage digital processes like Scodix SPOT™, which uses polymers to create a silkscreen effect that is manageable, durable and creates a stunning final product. For designers, access to this type of technology means you can not only create the effect of a traditional flat varnish, you can gain the benefits of reduced production time with almost no need to make ready. There is also a reduced environmental impact. And all of this will make your marketing and promotions easier to achieve, more affordable and memorable.

Come Back to an Old Standard, But With a Lot More Ease
Embossing is an old standard and traditionally embossing a printed piece takes a multi-step process with multiple dies and plates. Complicated and time consuming was the common theme. However, the final results are what makes the difference; it produces a piece that really jumps off the page or out of the mailbox. It promotes engagement. With Scodix, through a process that uses high gloss and variable densities, customers using the Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Presses will be able to create embossing and a lens effect in one printing pass. Another way you can give your customers a way to standout and meet your goals of marketing transformation.

Holographs as the Marketing Addition of the Future
We are always trying to find new ways to capture attention. In 2017, consider trying three-dimensional holographic effects. They will create impact and a new first impression. In the past, it was impossible to make holographic effects happen quick, easy and for short and medium runs. With the Scodix Ultra that is no longer the case. Print shops can use off the shelf cast and cure films for an in-house and easy to use digital variable data printing process. Pair this with a QR Code, AR or a Beacon and you have a unique and high-tech application that will transform the print experience.

Ready to take on 2017 and put some of these methods of transforming your marketing through digital print and finishing to use? With one press and optional modules to help you reach your goals, our team here at Scodix is standing by to make the difference for your business this year. Contact us today.

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