A 13-year old photo printing specialist in Bengaluru, Sumulas Colour Lab, has commissioned a Scodix in a bid to “boost the impact of photobooks with value-added effects,” said BR Murali, director, Sumulas Colour Lab.

Having over 27 years of experience in photography and catering to wedding industry, Murali is excited about the new installation, which favours him with the first mover advantage in Karnataka.

Sumula produces over 2500 photobooks in a month on its Kodak Nexpress. The price of these photobooks ranges from Rs 700 up to Rs 5000 per piece.

Murali said, “Since the installation of Nexpress three years ago, we have been producing photobooks digitally. Over this period we introduced several new concepts for packaging of these books in the form of bags or box fabrication. It was an opportune time for us to look at taking our prints to the next level and hence Scodix was the choice.”

The Scodix has been supplied by Chennai-based Monotech Systems.