Go From Mid-Range Competitor to Country Leader with a Digital Enhancement Press

It may seem like a lofty goal to rise from middle of the pack in a competitive print market to a country leader. Some may say it is impossible, but technology and the need to stand out is pushing the boundaries of what was once possible. And new offerings from printing press providers are helping printing companies from commercial to Print Service Providers (PSPs) revolutionize their business by opening doors to new markets and business opportunities.

For a moment think about the machines that are in your print shop and consider these questions:

–Do you have digital printing presses or are you still running mainly offset presses?
–For those running digital, the question then becomes are you running a fifth color…what about a sixth?
–Can you provide your customers with standout digital enhancement like dimensional textures on the page?
–Does your offering include printing on more than 200 substrates—both coated and uncoated stock?

In just those few questions it is easy to see why making decisions on new print technology is difficult. Scodix, however, is on a mission to elevate their customers to a higher level. Recently, we have made announcements around our beta testing of the new E106 digital printing engine, brought an expanded range of uncoated substrates to our Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Press family of printers and even helped our customers win a few awards while being recognized for ourselves for innovative products in the market for 2017.

Helping our customers go from the middle of the pack to a leader in their competitive print market is not new for our team. It is something we are proud to do around the globe—and we hope we will be able to help your printing company next. How is it possible to make such an impact given the constraints on cost, short runs and a shortened time to deliver finished products? Let us share with you the change in business Joystar in India saw over the last year.

Based in Mumbai, Joystar is a provider of both digital and offset printed materials. Their main source of revenue in the past has centered around commercial print; products such as: leaflets, brochures, catalogues, and posters. Moreover, they don’t just print on any kind of paper; to win their customers’ jobs, the offer fine and art papers. In fact, 30% of their commercial volume is printed on art papers with the remaining 70% printed on fine papers.

Even with their success, Joystar wasn’t satisfied with their position in the India print market. They wanted to stand out and offer their customers something differentiated. The wow factor. The answer in the research over the past couple years seem to point to the need for digital print enhancement. Which is bolstered by research from KeyPoint Intelligence/InfoTrends in their recent study, Beyond CMYK: The Use of Special Effects in Digital Printing, where they state that only about 30% of color pages printed in the U.S. and Western Europe have some kind of special printing effect.

The percentage in the rest of the world trended less and Joystar wanted to jump to the top of the list for go-to, unique printing in the India marketplace. It started at Drupa 2016 when Joystar purchased their first Scodix digital enhancement press. Once installed, the change in their offering to the market was felt almost immediately.

“We wanted to bring something new to the market, one that will give us a unique selling point,” Jinesh Sheth, Director at Joystar India said. “We could provide samples with print embellishments like UV embossed, spot varnishing and texturing, to our clients almost immediately. We accentuated the ‘wow factor’ on prints, especially those illustrating textural images which became an instant hit with our clients.”

But it was more than just providing a superior product for Joystar, it was about changing their customer engagement. Sheth expanded on this, “The Scodix press helped us in maintaining and raising client relationship.”

How did the results stack up after installing the Scodix press? We think Sheth said it best, “We were the first in Maharashtra to get the Scodix and are the first India to cross the 2-lakh print mark on Scodix machine.” To put that in perspective, a lakh is a unit of measure equal to 100,000, which makes their accomplishment significant and the leader in the Indian marketplace.

Let our team at Scodix help you make a move in your competitive print marketplace while opening the doors to customers. Contact one of our Scodix experts today or order a Scodified sample!

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