Before and After: Once You Go Scodified You Will Never Go Back

Let’s face it, there are many companies that say they have a “game changer”, but how do you know if that technology will truly make a difference in your print shop—give you that edge against the competition? The proof really should be in the print or perhaps in the side-by-side comparison of the output from your current printer and a Scodix Digital Enhancement Press.

At Scodix we feel it is important for people to experience the difference, not just visually, but through touch. It is why we say, “You have to touch it to believe it.” Moreover, there is research that shows that the tactical nature of Scodified print really can be a game changer. In a previous blog, we wrote about The 5 Senses and How They Drive Brand Selection. We revealed that 60% of respondents to a research survey made their brand selection when four of the five senses were engaged. An important understanding of our human behavior.

Why is that important and how does Scodix come into play? A Scodix Ultra Pro Digital Enhancement Press is capable of producing a variety of effects from Scodix Foil, embossing, dimensional finishes and textures, as well as, innovative additions like holograms. These effects can help you transform your print offerings to your customers and allow more senses to be engaged—a result of better recognition and brand selection.

A sneak peek at the power of Scodfied print can be found any time day or night in our Before & After gallery. Inside the gallery you will see a digital representation—a side-by-side comparison—of the difference between traditional offset or digital print and what is possible with a Scodix Digital Enhancement Press. One of the samples is of a basketball, something our sports can relate to. The Scodix print transforms the basketball into something lifelike. Just imagine how it would feel!
The basketball image comes to mind because it also left a lasting impression with one of our customers when they saw it at one of the largest print trade shows in the world—Drupa. It stood out and as our customer said in their video testimonial, they knew they had to have a Scodix.

We invite you to see what our customers have to say. And the result speak for themselves. One customer credits moving to Scodix technology for the reason they keep their print customer relationships longer. Perhaps even more surprising to our customer was the difference in conversations during the bidding process. Normally, they would be asked if they could do it cheaper and quicker. Scodified print changed the conversation from lower cost and faster turnaround to how amazing the print was and satisfaction with the quote.

Another customer saw 10% of their jobs move to their recently purchased Scodix press in the first few months. By year three, it was closer to 50-60% of their print jobs were being run on the Scodix. And speaking to what you can do to stand out, one of our customers experimented with the effects until they created something unique that they described as like glitter, but shinier.

The power of the senses really comes into play in something as personal and touch oriented as print. In fact, research has shown one in four people value something they can touch. This is why our team at Scodix truly believes that Scodified print will be your game changer. By utilizing a digital enhancement press you will be able to create impressive print output with a single machine. We will even help you become more successful with tips and tricks like our blog: I Want to Get Scodified! But How Can I Use a Scodix Press?

Ready to discover the power of scodified print? Request your sample today and start your own before and after transformation.


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