Are You Missing Out on the Digital Print Enhancement Advantage?

Are you looking at digital printing technologies with in-line finishing capabilities? If you are not, you might be left behind in this competitive print landscape before you can say inline foil. Digital enhancement presses like our Scodix machines create a unique value proposition and competitive advantage for print shops; it is a difference that you have to see and feel to really understand the impact. Feeling is believing with enhanced print.

Scodix has engineered and led the print industry in the ability to add embellishments in an easy-to-use, cost-effective, high-quality and modular print press offering. And they never stop innovating. This past November, our team of printing experts announced the latest advancement in digital enhancement presses, the Scodix Ultra2 Pro.

The Ultra Pro series already provided print shop flexibility and a secret weapon to create dimensional print effects, textures, holographs and foil applications. The Scodix Ultra2 Pro with foil station adds another layer of capability giving print shops what we call “The Ultimate Multi Material Platform”.

So what is new?

• Broader Flexibility
• Enhanced Quality
• Increased Productivity
• Extensive Changes to the Print Engine
• Faster Changeovers
• New Adaptive LED Curing Process
• Expansion to 5 Ink Tanks

But why is this a major advancement?

“Expanded substrate offerings, the unparalleled nine different enhancement effects, as well compatibility with the largest variety of CMYK processes, confirms Scodix’ position as the market leader in digital enhancement,” said CEO Roy Porat. “The Scodix Ultra2 Pro represents our continued commitment to identifying areas for improvement within the graphic arts industry and proactively innovating.”

For print shops the innovative new print engine will allow them to leverage the Ultra2’s multi-platform position giving them a more efficient print processes and a reduction in time between jobs. The new press is designed to help improve the overall quality of the print and enhancements with technology like the new adaptive LED curing system and the PAS (Pin Activate Secure) technology—a technical advancement that delivers ultra-fine detail for market leading print enhancement as compared to the competition.

There is good news for current Scodix customers too; a print shop with a Scodix Ultra Pro Digital Enhancement Press will be able to upgrade to the Ultra2 starting in 2018. A point that you won’t want to overlook as you make your business plans for the 2018 fiscal year.

The market is competitive, and you want to be in the top ten percent of your print colleagues. Something we have shared recently here through our blog because there is an estimated current market value of $917 million for digital print enhancement. A market that is predicted to grow to over $1 billion in 2020. A market you can access with a Scodix Ultra2 Pro Digital Enhancement Press.

If you haven’t order a sample from our Scodified experts yet, we urge you to do so. The power of touch will make you a believer. And as we discussed in our recent blog, Go from Mid-Range Competitor to Country Leader, only 30% of printed pages in the U.S. and Western Europe have some type of printing effect applied to them. And in some emerging markets it is less. We have helped printers go to the top of their countries premier printers list…an achievement made possible by innovative technology and smart business decisions.

Learn more about the Scodix Ultra2 Pro Digital Enhancement Press with Foil Station in our recent press release. And be sure to watch our movie on the announcement, the press and how it will change your print offerings. Our experts are standing by to help elevate you to the top of your market with digital print enhancement technology that leads the industry.

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