Scodix Demo Recording Printing on Uncoated Substrates

Scodix Demo Recording On-demand

Scodix Demo Recording, a free interactive webinar

Duration & Cost: 40 minutes, FREE!

Learn how by adding Scodix to even a small percentage of your prints, bring you huge profits.

During this webinar, the following is presented:

  • Digitally enhanced printing on uncoated substrates with the Scodix Ultra2 Pro with Foil press to see the unique capabilities you can print on uncoated substrates, in real-time
  • Showing samples printed on the Scodix Ultra2 Pro with Foil press
  • Explaining press operations on the Scodix Ultra Pro2 with Foil press
  • Discussing the business impact when printing with Scodix
This on-demand webinar is available on WIN, MAC, Android and iOS devices.

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