North America Folding Carton Enhancement Webinar Recording

Folding Carton Enhancement Webinar Recording

Duration & Cost: 1-hour, FREE!

Recorded on February 23, 2021

This 1-hour virtual event looks at how to effectively produce the day to day enhancements like foil, embossed foil, spot UV & textured spot UV. Scodix has simplified the process and opened up profitability.

During the live webinar we  printed four jobs and shared the sheet and item costs. 


  • Scodix introduction and the future of print
  • Live printing 
  • Cost analysis
  • A look at the possibilities
  • Questions & answers

Your Scodix Hosts: 

  • Nigel Tracey
  • Ziki Kuly
The new Scodix Ultra 1000’s Series of presses make enhancing in-house a more cost effective process and delivers super speeds to market. With a completely new B1 and B2 range of industrial presses you can enjoy mastering up to 9-applications and combinations of applications on one machine. Easily apply flat foil, embossed foil, holographic effects, glitter and other embellishments to increase the value of any packaging product.1-hou

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