Web-to-Print Is Now More Exciting for Printers and Buyers

Printing technology has changed a lot over the past several decades; especially with the continued advancements in digital printing and finishing. Those advancements include the ability to handle printing lesser volumes while still being able to profit from the work; a significant change from the economy of what we consider traditional offset printing.

With technology like we offer here at Scodix, not only can printers produce short-runs for smaller volumes of unique jobs from customers, they can also enhance them with a number of different embellishments such as textures, hi-gloss patterns, metallic inks, foil applications and glitter, just to name a few of the nine available enhancements.

Like printing, how we communicate with technology has also changed a lot over the last few decades. The internet becoming commercially available in the ‘90s charted a change for how we communicate, market, buy and sell. We now use the internet to navigate the Worldwide Web and purchase products such as printing. Web-to-Print has been gaining popularity as it lets people design, load and order printing right from the convenience of their office, home or while they are traveling.

The challenge with web-to-print today is that there are still limits to what you can specify in terms of paper and finishing capabilities. While you can get full color prints, ordering things like foil embellishments, textured print, glitter, holograms and more can only be found from a very limited number of providers. And when available, it is generally a custom quote and process due to the historic processes to produce these types of embellishments.

Scodix has changed that with the announcement of their web-to-print solution. For printers offering web-to-print or considering offering it, they will now be able to make their print products more exciting and add considerable value to the final product. According to recent research on the web-to-print market, a simple business card that a print buyer might pay $16.00 for, could pay as much as $30.00.

Why? By adding foil or embellishments like texture the business cards delivered stand out more from other business cards. They have a tactile sense that creates a stronger connection to the card and ultimately a stronger memory of the person giving them the business card. For many, it is worth the additional cost to have more success with their card.

This is why Scodix has developed a way to connect their digital print enhancement presses to web-to-print interfaces, opening up the possibilities for more exciting and interesting print that anyone can order right from the convenience of their internet browser. To learn more, we invite you to read our previous blog, Scodified Web-to-Print Set to Revolutionize Online Print and Delivery Offerings where we discuss the new Scodix Studio W2P offering and how it is set to change the web-to-print printing industry.

As an estimated $23 billion market, this is definitely an area of expansion printers should be considering for growth while also considering pairing that with the $917 million value attributed to the digital print enhancement market. As you chart your plan for the next quarter and year, our team here at Scodix is ready to help understand the technology available to offer digital produced and inline embellishments while also understanding how it is possible to offer it in your future or existing web-to-print environment.

Contact one of our representative today to start your digital print enhancement journey.


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